The Best Burger Spots in Osaka

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Osaka Hub Writer6 October 2018

Osaka is Japan’s food capital, yet it can be surprisingly difficult to find good burger joints among the renowned sushi and noodle restaurants unless you know where to look. There are plenty hidden in plain sight, some of which serve authentic American burgers, while others provide a fusion of Western and Eastern flavours. Here are Culture Trip’s picks of the best places to grab a burger in Osaka.

Craft Burger (クラフトバーガー)

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Burgers and beer go perfectly together at Craft Burger | © Edward Franklin / Unsplash

American-owned Craft Burger is the place to get filling, authentic burgers in Osaka. On the menu is a wide selection of sandwiches, including the traditional cheeseburger as well as options like salmon and tofu burgers. The buns are thick and buttery, the fries seasoned and crispy and the drink menu includes local craft beer. This gourmet burger shop is located in Horie, a trendy shopping district known for its selection of delicious foreign restaurants, and in Dojima near Umeda.

Critters Burger (クリッターズバーガー)

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Located right in the heart of downtown Osaka, in the popular shopping district Shinsaibashi, Critters Burger is an authentic burger joint that will satisfy even your strongest meat cravings. They serve American classics like double cheeseburgers, as well as burgers with a local twist, such as the popular wasabi avocado burger. They also have a great selection of side dishes as well as delicious milkshakes that pair perfectly with the American diner vibe.

Rich Garden

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Rich Garden is a New York-themed American diner serving some of the biggest, juiciest burgers in town. Flavours include teriyaki, bacon, chilli and barbecue burgers. The other menu items – like Mexican nachos, a tower of onion rings and international beer – can satisfy any craving. Rich Garden has three locations – one in the quirky and exciting Amemura neighbourhood just steps away from great local bars, another in atmospheric Nakazakicho near Umeda and a brand new shop in Nishi Hommachi.

Any’s Burger

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This shop in Tanimachi may be out of the way of tourist spots, but it’s worth the trek. Each burger is stuffed with a multitude of ingredients. The expected staples like onion and lettuce are paired with unique local fillings like Japanese pickles and turnips. Topped off with a generous amount of rich cheese, this combination makes for a delicious, multi-flavoured burger that is messy to eat, but heavenly for your taste buds. The interior conveys an Americana-inspired ambience – its walls are plastered with a treasure trove of memorabilia like license plates, old signs and surfboards.

Kuma Kafe (クマカフェ)

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This beloved café, run by an Australian named Paul, is right next to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. A favourite among locals, and especially expats, Kuma Kafe serves Western comfort food like pizza, fries and, of course, burgers. The burgers are simple and straightforward but they will surprise you with their excellent taste. Try the Super Kuma burger, which includes toppings from all the others on the menu. The owner is very friendly and will make you feel right at home.


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Delicious classic and unconventional burger options are both available at Burgerlion | © Niklas Rhöse / Unsplash
Situated near Awaza Station, Burgerlion is a small shop serving classic burgers and fries at a budget price. With its relaxed atmosphere and simple but hearty food, this is one of the best places to grab a tasty and inexpensive burger. There are many types on the menu, including a special monthly burger, which usually has a flavour to match the season. While mostly catering to a local clientele, Burgerlion also has an English menu available, making ordering easier for non-Japanese speaking travellers.

Bubba Gump Shrimp

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Located just outside of Universal Studios Japan, this classic seafood and burger chain is the perfect place to end your day at the famous theme park. Bubba Gump Shrimp serves a variety of dishes, including burgers with both seafood and more classic fillings. Styled like a diner resembling those in America, where it’s from, it provides a warm ambience that allows you to relax after a long day.

Elizabeth Lee also contributed to this piece.