The Best Brunch Spots In Kyobashi, Osaka

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16 November 2016

As one of Osaka’s main business and office districts, Kyobashi is largely visited by white collar workers. An understated nightlife area after dark, the area has many cafés and coffeehouses that you can visit for brunch, before heading over to the nearby Osaka Castle Park for sightseeing and shopping at Osaka Business Park. Here are our favourites.

Mitsuya Coffee (蜜家珈琲店)

Open from early morning, this cosy café is located next to Kyobashi station, making it a great place to have brunch before heading over to Osaka Business Park for some shopping, or to Kema Sakuranomiya Park for a lazy day of cherry blossom viewing. Mitsuya Coffee serves Western café foods such as pancakes, sandwiches, and pasta. This is a great place for couples or small groups of friends to hang out.
Address: 3F, 2-1-38, Higashinoda, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka, +81-6-6353-2505

Aloha Table

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Morning in Osaka
Morning in Osaka | © m-louis/Flickr
As its name suggests, Aloha Table is Japan’s take on Hawaiian cuisine. The restaurant’s décor combines a modern-industrial aesthetic with the laid-back vibe of Hawaii, creating a relaxing ambience for brunch. They serve food such as loco moco, grilled chicken, salad rice bowls with Japanese or Polynesian ingredients. If you’re after more typical brunch foods, they also have options such as French toast and tapas with various toppings and fillings.

Menya (麺家)

Want to try something truly local for brunch? Visit Menya, a udon and soba noodle store. At this budget establishment, customers stand at a counter to eat their steaming bowls of noodles. While this may not be the most comfortable or relaxing brunch venue, it certainly is locally flavoured, both literally and figuratively. You’ll no doubt find yourself brushing shoulders with the locals of Osaka while you enjoy your tasty, homemade bowl of noodles.
Address: 1-2-31 Shigita, Joto-ku, Osaka, +81-6-6355-0419

Café Eikokuya (カフェ 英國屋)

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Osaka | © m-louis/Flickr
For coffee lovers, Café Eikokuya is a great choice for brunch because they serve fantastic coffee at reasonable prices. They import coffee beans from all over the world, and they roast their beans daily, to varying degrees depending on types of beans, and the varying tastes of customers. For food, they have simple sandwiches, as well as waffles that can be served with butter and syrup, or with dessert items like ice cream and fruits. If you’re looking for something filling try their curry rice.

Ebisu (ゑびす)

Appearances can be deceiving, so at first glance you might dismiss Ebisu as just another street-food stall. Although tiny, this noodle store only has six seats and a few standing spots, Ebisu is a popular place with locals for breakfast and lunch. They sell ramen, udon, and soba noodles, with a variety of soup-bases that range from flavourful tonkotsu, to light miso soup, and even oriental curry.
Address: 3-10-1 Higashinodamachi Miyakojima-ku Osaka

Hanakyo (花京)

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Another tiny ramen shop, Hanakyo is a great brunch place that gives you a taste of local life in Osaka. With only nine seats, it is one of the best ramen joints in Kyobashi, earning praise from locals and travellers. They have a rich, homemade soup base, and their ramen is made to order, so the noodles are hot and fresh when served. As it can get crowded at lunch and dinner times, we recommend going a little earlier or later than typical meal hours to get a seat.