The 6 Best Airbnbs in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is in the centre of Tokyo
Shinjuku is in the centre of Tokyo | © Didier ZYLBERYNG / Alamy
If you’re looking to make the most of your Tokyo visit and want to stay in the heart of all the action, here are a handful of diverse and equally impressive Airbnbs in Shinjuku worth checking out.

Large apartment with studio and piano room

Spacious apartment complex
Spacious apartment complex | Courtesy of Ichimaru / Airbnb

A house with a grand piano? Right in the heart of the densely populated Shinjuku? It sounds like an urban legend, but it turns out it’s completely true. This spacious apartment complex fits up to 11 people, ideal for those travelling in larger groups. Positioned just 12 minutes from Shinjuku station by foot, the house is fully equipped with a dining space, a studio area, soundproofing and a large projector, making it the perfect party house.

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Spacious, light-filled first-floor apartment

Luxury apartment
Luxury apartment | Courtesy of Kaori / Airbnb

A blend of Western home comforts with minimalist Japanese design aesthetics, this luxury apartment, positioned just one stop from Shinjuku station, offers the best of both worlds. Situated in the Hatsudai neighbourhood, its location is central but offers a respite from the manic energy of the city. Perfect for families, the apartment houses six double beds, as well as two toilets and two bathrooms and can accommodate up to 14 people in total, which for Tokyo standards is massive.

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Double-storey loft apartment in Central Shinjuku

Stylish Shinjuku apartment
Stylish Shinjuku apartment | Courtesy of Tatsu / Airbnb

For those who like to hit the streets and explore by foot, Tokyo is arguably one of the best cities in the world to visit. The key to making the most of your time here is to stay central, and it doesn’t get more central than this house, which is walking distance from Shinjuku, Shibuya and the main streets of Harajuku. Big enough to fit six guests, the apartment has everything from a coffee machine to a washing machine and an impressive selection of designer magazines.

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Deluxe apartment with an amazing skyline view

Stunning skyline views
Stunning skyline views | Courtesy of Omoya Team / Airbnb

Tranquil open-plan living, delicate touches of Japanese design and views of Mount Fuji on a clear day – it doesn’t get much better than this modern, yet authentic and traditional loft apartment, which is located just 10 minutes from the heart of Shinjuku by foot. Perfect for a family or close friends, the apartment has two double beds and a compact tatami space for authentic Japanese-style relaxing and entertaining.

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Private Japanese-style room in a relaxed hostel

The relaxed Imano Tokyo Hostel
The relaxed Imano Tokyo Hostel | Courtesy of Imano Tokyo Hostel / Airbnb

For solo travellers and those looking to make new friends on the road, consider a few nights at Imano Tokyo Guesthouse. In terms of location, it doesn’t get much more central, sitting just a short stroll from the neon-drenched nightlife hub of Kabukicho, the tranquil Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and, of course, Shinjuku station. The kitchen, bathrooms, lounge and dining areas are all communal living spaces but each room is private, meaning that it’s both easy to meet new people and get a little alone time if need be.

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Third-floor apartment in the heart of Shinjuku’s French Quarter

Stylish penthouse apartment
Stylish penthouse apartment | Courtesy of Masaharu / Airbnb

Decked out in elegant Scandinavian furniture, stylish antique lighting and large glass sliding doors, the worst thing about staying at this place is that you’ll never want to leave the house. Situated in the European-influenced Shinjuku neighbourhood of Kagurazaka, the area is dotted with classic Japanese izakayas (a type of pub) as well as some of the best French and Italian restaurants in the city, so it’s worth dragging yourself out of this stunning apartment for a few hours.

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