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Horsehair Worm | © Alastair Rae / Wikimedia Commons
Horsehair Worm | © Alastair Rae / Wikimedia Commons
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The 7 Most Disturbing Specimens on Display at the Meguro Parsitological Museum

Picture of Dave Afshar
Updated: 3 July 2017
The upscale residential neighborhood of Tokyo’s Meguro ward is typically associated with swanky wine bars, European-inspired cafes, and fine dining. One museum, however, doesn’t quite fit in with other establishments in the area. Opened in 1953, the Meguro Parasitological Museum offers two floors of information and exhibits on parasites and their effects on humans and other living things. With over 300 specimens on display, including a preserved tapeworm that grew to 8.8m (29 ft), this is definitely not a place to bring a first date. We take a look at some of the grotesquely fascinating creatures in this bizarre exhibition (not for those with a weak stomach).

Anisakis simplex

This massive parasite has taken over the stomach of a very unfortunate striped dolphin.

This can do some damage. #parasitewithanagenda #sorrynotsorry

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This poor fish did not go peacefully.

Fish specimen infected with worms #tokyo #museum

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Another one

Try to hang on to your lunch.

Visiting the one and only in the world #parasite museum in #Tokyo #Japan

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A moment of silence for the host of this massive tapeworm.

#meguroparasitologicalmuseum #tokyo #taenia

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Severed head

This once belonged to a sea turtle infected with parasites.


This poor rodent did not go gracefully.

Potentially running out of things to do in Tokyo so… #meguroparasitologicalmuseum

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