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Evening in Kagurazaka | © Daderot / WikiCommons
Evening in Kagurazaka | © Daderot / WikiCommons
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The 7 Best Secret Spots in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

Picture of Alicia Joy
Tokyo Writer
Updated: 3 October 2017
Historically a thriving geisha district or hanamachi, Kagurazaka is now famous for its blend of modern French cuisine and strong relationship with its historical Japanese roots. Discover the antique charms and hidden treasures of this underrated destination in central Tokyo.
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This locale is the flagship teahouse and desserts restaurant of the sweets company Saryo. Healthy light meals accompany a full menu of beautifully presented, traditional Japanese sweets and desserts for a balanced approach. The whole restaurant has a cozy cottage feel to it, and Saryo’s outdoor terrace is perfect for warm summer evenings. It’s open seven days a week, 11:30 am to 11 pm (10 pm on Sundays).

Saryo, 5-9 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, +81 3-3266-0880

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Garage Kagurazaka

Tucked away down a narrow alley, Garage Kagurazaka is a tiny gallery and exhibition space that is about the size of a single-car garage, which is exactly what it was in its former life. This gallery is unique because it gives up-and-coming artists and designers an accessible space to showcase their work. One day, it could be an art gallery, another day, a shop selling hand-painted fabric scarves; you never know what you’ll find at Garage.

Garage Kagurazaka, 6-73 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, +81 70-3397-1173

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Manju Café Mugimaru 2

For classic Japanese tea and wagashi, head to Mugimaru 2. This quaint tearoom specializes in manju, the Japanese snack cake made from various flours and stuffed with a filling—red bean paste (anko) is most traditional. Mugimaru 2 is tucked away in an antique dwelling covered in greenery and comes with a resident cat. It is open from noon to 9 pm daily, closed Wednesdays.

Manju Café Mugimaru 2, 5-20 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, +81 3-5228-6393

ハーブティー(フラワーカルテッド) #mugimaru2 #神楽坂

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Tsukudohachiman Shrine

Shinto shrine Tsukudohachiman is devoted to Hachiman, the Japanese kami (divine spirit) of the arts of war and the protectorate of the nation’s people. The approach to Tsukudohachiman shrine is a picturesque set of stone steps flanked by tori gates. This small shrine, its grounds decorated with guardian shisa (lion dogs) and stone lanterns, is perfect for those seeking a bit of peace and quiet from the excitement of the busy city streets.

Tsukudohachiman Shrine, 2-1 Tsukudohachimancho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, +81 3-3260-2701

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Kagurazaka Kado

Enjoy elegant and traditional Japanese cuisine at Kado, a sophisticated yet casual restaurant located inside an antique refurbished home. Even if the place is packed, you still might be able to squeeze into the standing-room-only bar for some cheap sake and unexpected appetizers. Reservations can be made in advance by phone (Japanese only). Kagurazaka Kado is open from 11:30 am to 4 pm and 5 pm to 11 pm daily.

Kagurazaka Kado, 1-32 Akagi-Motomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, +81 3-3268-2410

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Baikatei has been crafting their delicate wagashi and traditional Japanese treats for over 80 years. A very conventional confectionery, Baikatei carries all the typical wagashi varieties and seasonal favorites such as the sakura mochi in spring. Be sure to grab their signature wagashi, the anko-filled wafer snacks (monaka) in cat shapes. Baikatei is open from 10 am to 8 pm daily.

Baikatei, 6-15 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, +81 3-5228-0727

😽 にゃんこモナコー #福来猫もなか

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Sada deals in artisanal fashion and lifestyle products including jewelry, shoes, and candles—much of it made locally here in Japan. Pick up unique souvenirs or find the missing piece for your wardrobe, all from a tiny shop with an area of just over 200 square feet. Sada is open from noon to 7 pm daily (6:30 pm on Sundays).

Sada, 6-58 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, +81 3-3513-0851