The 10 Best Restaurants In Marunouchi, Tokyo

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9 February 2017

Marunouchi is an area between Tokyo Station and Imperial Palace, making it a very popular tourist destination. A such, it contains many impressive restaurants for every budget. We’ve rounded up our favorite 10 spots.

T’s TanTan Vegetarian | © Tim Adams/Flickr

T's TanTan Tokyo Station (T’sレストラン)

Restaurant, Vegan
Coffee and cake at Mona Lisa/珈琲モナリザ
Coffee and cake at Mona Lisa/珈琲モナリザ | © Tsuyoshi Nakatani/Flickr
Everyone knows the importance of health, but it is often a struggle to find delicious yet healthy food. T’s TanTan, located in the Tokyo Station, proves vegetarian food can be as tasty as non-vegetarian food and ensures you have a guilt-free meal. T’s TanTan incorporates the culinary cultures of Chinese, Western, and Japanese dishes to accommodate a wide range of diners. Without meat, seafood, or any dairy products, all the foods served at T’s TanTan are suitable for vegans too. This is the perfect place for vegetarians to indulge, and for carnivores to have their opinions drastically altered.

Monna Lisa (モナリザ)

On the 36th floor of Marunouchi Building, Monna Lisa allows you to enjoy fine French food and the magnificent view of Marunouchi. With beautiful pictures and paintings decorating the walls, you’ll think you’ve transported to the Louvre. The classical interior design attracts many people to hold business meetings, celebrations and even wedding parties here. As well as classic French dishes, Monna Lisa uses Japanese ingredients to put an Asian-spin on French favorites. The artistic presentation of the food is also impressive.

Marunouchi Bldg., 2-4-1 Marunochi, Chiyoda 100-6336, Tokyo Prefecture +81 3-3240-5775

Shangri-la Hotel Tokyo l | © SLTY/WikiCommons

Nadaman (なだ万)

Restaurant, Japanese, Sushi, $$$
Fish tacos
Fish tacos | ©jeffreyw/Flickr
Nadaman serves the finest sushi, teppanyaki and kaiseki in the Shangri-la Hotel Tokyo. With the modern and elegant environment, it provides an excellent fine-dining experience. The deluxe a la carte menu includes a decadent sushi and sashimi selection. While preserving the original taste of Japanese cuisines, Yoshida (the chief chef of Nadaman) aims to incorporate his overseas experience into the Japanese dishes – with pleasing results. The freshest and top quality ingredients make your dining experience at Nadaman an unforgettable one.

Mucho Modern Mexicano

Restaurant, Mexican, Brazilian, Chilean
Traditional Japanese kimono
Traditional Japanese kimono | © Jon Rawlinson/WikiCommons
With a mix of Brazilian, Chilean and Mexican flavors, Mucho Modern Mexicano presents the ultimate Mexican comfort food. The tacos and quesadillas are both irresistible – just make sure you team them with creamy yet tangy Mucho Guacamole. This is made from ripe avocado. With seven kinds of vegetables, Mucho’s ensaladas (salads) are not a boring choice either. Round off the Mexican meal with a mojito to really complete the experience.


Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
At Kitaohji, you will be greeted by waitresses dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos. Their manner and Japanese way of serving food allows you to learn more about Japanese dining culture. If you choose to dine in a private room, watch out for the room decor as it is designed in accordance with a traditional Japanese room setting. Using seasonal ingredients from different regions of the country, Kitaohji serves an array of dishes from seafood to sashimi to wagyu. For a traditional Japanese dining experience, right down to the smallest detail, look no further than Kitaohji.

Manten Sushi (まんてん鮨)

Restaurant, Japanese, Seafood, Sushi, $$$
Manten Sushi serves sushi in the Nishi Azabu style and uses fresh fish and ingredients from the nearby Tsuikiji market. Try Manten Sushi’s signature dish – futomaki, or rolled sushi. It is especially thick and has a rich flavor. If you’re new to the sushi game and don’t know what to pick, go for the omakase course for eight kinds of luxurious sushi selected by the chef. The best part of choosing omakase is that you get the opportunity to try a little bit of everything. Watch out for top-rate toro (tuna sushi) and shime saba (cured mackerel sushi).

Tokyo Ramen Street

Restaurant, Ramen, Japanese, $$$
Pad Thai Vegetarian - Spicy Noodle
Pad Thai Vegetarian - Spicy Noodle | © Alpha/Flickr
Tokyo Ramen Street is the Tokyo Station’s version of Kyoto Ramen Street, where you can find eight of the best ramen shops in Tokyo. Although it is always crowded, Tokyo Ramen Street deserves the wait. Choose your own ramen on the vending machine. There are a lot to choose from, including Michelin-starred ramen and regionally renowned ramen. Miso ramen, cold ramen, shōyu ramen and more are all in one place.

Aroyna Thai Restaurant

Restaurant, Thai
Aroyna serves authentic Thai cuisines and provides more than 60 Thai dishes on the menu, all very reasonably priced. At night, you can enjoy “Thai Live Time” at 6:15 pm, 8 pm, 9:15 pm and 10:30 pm, where singers perform Thai songs live on the stage.


Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
Rare from the grill
Rare from the grill | © Michael Stern/Flickr
One of the most simple yet utterly delicious Japanese dishes has got to be tempura – deep-fried vegetables which melt in your mouth. Nowhere does tempura better than Tenmasa. Especially known for shrimp tempura, Tenmasa places much emphasis on keeping the traditional recipe of tempura, specifically the Edo-style tempura (made with a thicker batter and served with sauce). The chef makes sure the oil temperature is high enough to deep fry the ingredients and the tempura is crispy yet not overcooked or oily.

Grill Ukai Marunouchi

Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
Expertly blending the flavors of Japanese and Western cuisine in a fine-dining environment, Grill Ukai is a must-visit for dinner. The aesthetics are lovely: expect long, dark wood tables and exquisite dining chairs, which have delicate Japanese patterns on the padded seats. The decor is warm and cozy, with soft yellow lighting illuminating the dark wood and stone walls. Both these elements perfectly complement the deep red carpet. With fine ingredients from all over the world, the grill dishes are expertly prepared and elegantly presented. Grill Ukai pays a lot of attention to not only ingredients, but also the cooking method, seasoning and degree of fire.

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