The 10 Best Restaurants In Kyobashi, Osaka

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9 February 2017

The Kyobashi district in Osaka, Japan has a rich history and today it is a busy commercial district well connected to the rest of the city by several major railway and subway lines. Located near the historical Osaka Castle, Kyobashi is home to a surprising number of small restaurants and izakayas, or Japanese taverns, serving a wide variety of foods that showcase modern and traditional Japanese culinary culture. Here are our favorites.

Osaka Castle at night | © Aapo Haapanen/Flickr

Endo Sushi (えんどう寿司)

Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
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Located at the Keihan Mall above the Kyobashi JR station, Endo Sushi serves some of the best sushi in Osaka, renowned by both locals and tourists. The restaurant has a history of over a hundred years at its original store, and the quality of their sushi has been upheld throughout the years. One of their most popular sets, ‘Maze’, consists of five different kinds of sushi served one after another, allowing you to sample a variety of sushi made with seasonal fish. The service is excellent and they offer an English menu, making it an ideal place for tourists to experience authentic sushi.

Nakanoya (なかの家)

Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
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Izakaya | © Insert Magazine/Flickr
Just a few minutes’ walk away from the modern Kyobashi JR station is Nakanoya, a restaurant in the style of the classic izakaya, or Japanese tavern. The majority of tables are in private rooms, where the tatamiseating and traditional decor invoke an atmosphere of tranquility and intimacy. The restaurant offers both an à la carte menu and several ‘all you can eat’ options, featuring seasonal specials and classic Japanese dishes. Their sashimi is of the best quality, almost translucent in its plump freshness. A selection of beverages are available, including Japanese sake.

Hanakyo (花京)

Bar, Japanese
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A small shop with only about ten seats, Hanakyo is a ramen shop locally renowned for its rich, delicious soup base and value for money. Like many small food haunts, the shop has its own recipe for its soup base, making it unique and rich. The noodles and other accompanying ingredients such as pork and soft boiled eggs are all made to order, guaranteeing their freshness. The tiny shop may be cramped, with a bar table around an open kitchen, but the food and experience are well worth it.

Keyaki, Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki chef
Teppanyaki chef | © Courtesy of Hotel New Otani Osaka
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This classy restaurant at the Hotel New Otani Osaka offers teppanyakigrilled meat, seafood, and vegetables, all of the freshest and finest quality. Your meal is made-to-order in front of you and served right off the grill. This is Wagyu beef at its best, grilled to a tender rareness that is savory and juicy. The historic Osaka Castle, as well as the beautiful gardens surrounding it, are clearly visible from the restaurant, making a visit here a trip for both your eyes and your taste buds.
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Rafarutei (らふぁーる亭)

Restaurant, Japanese
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This restaurant offers well-cooked and authentic teppanyaki at an inexpensive rate, making it a good choice for a taste of this iconic style of cooking. Rafarutei more than makes up its lack of luxury with skilled cooks and excellent service. The interior of the establishment has a distinctly Western feel, which is juxtaposed by the teppanyaki grills on the tables. Be sure to try the okonomiyaki, a grilled noodle or dough pancake with assorted toppings that originated in Osaka.

Zehi (ぜひ)

One of the best shabu shabu restaurants in Kyobashi, Zehi is a small, intimate shop that gives an authentic experience of the Japanese hotpot style cuisine. Fresh meats and vegetables are put in a pot of boiling broth to cook, but the Japanese shabu shabu is renowned for its beef. Both the beef and pork served at Zehi are thinly sliced with little additional seasoning used, in order to bring out the savoury freshness of the meat. Washed down with Japanese beer, this makes an enjoyable and authentic Japanese experience, best shared with a group of friends or family.
Address: 2-7-26 Katamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka, +81 6-6358-8557

Houryuzushi (海鮮回転 豊漁寿し)

Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
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Train sushi
Train sushi | © kpcmobile/Flickr
Located a short walk away from the Kyobashi JR statin, Houryusushi is a sushi train style restaurant, where customers grab dishes of sushi delivered around the restaurant by a conveyor belt. A sweeping range of sushi is available at the restaurant, including many different kinds of raw fish, with fresh, exciting flavours. For those who don’t enjoy raw foods, cooked options are also available, such as grilled eel or egg sushi. As the dishes are unlabeled, what comes around next on the sushi train is sure to be a delightful surprise.

Cafe Mog

Cafe, Japanese, European, $$$
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With its charming and cozy decor, this Western dessert cafe is reminiscent of a doll house. Cafe Mog specializes in buttermilk pancakes, which are freshly made-to-order using an original formula. The light, fluffy texture of the pancakes balances out the rich milky flavour of the buttermilk, achieving perfect harmony between a Western style and an Asian palate. With choices ranging from chocolate and banana pancakes to the quirky roasted marshmallow pancake, Cafe Mog is the place to go for satisfying your sweet tooth.


Orion, located at a mall next to the Kyobashi JR station, serves Western food and specializes in cheese fondue. But the familiar dishes are flavoured with a Japanese twist, the sauces used in their dishes are lighter and less seasoned than those used in most Western restaurants. Their signature cheese fondue, however, uses a rich sauce that is sure to satisfy your cravings for cheese. Their fondue set includes an assortment of meat or seafood along with bread, making the meal an indulgent feast.
Address: 2-6-1 Higashinodamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka, 81-6-6356-5063

Asuka (アスカ)

Food Court, Japanese
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Takoyaki | © itchys/Flickr
Situated in the food court of Keihan shopping centre, directly above the Kyobashi station, Asuka is a food stall serving takoyaki(grilled octopus balls). This iconic Japanese street food originated in Osaka, and Asuka is one of many stalls selling this snack in the city. Grilled with perfect timing, the takoyakiserved at this joint is crisp and brown on the outside, yet soft and chewy inside. Only four or five seats are available as the shop is a small stall, so eat your snack on the go to experience the essence of Osaka’s most famous street food.

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