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The 10 Best Restaurants In Horie, Osaka

The 10 Best Restaurants In Horie, Osaka

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Located close to Osaka’s more famous shopping district Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori, Horie is a relatively small and unknown area. While still a shopping area, Horie is less touristy than its famed neighbors and is home to a vibrant international community. It boasts a huge variety of food, with a fantastic mix of Japanese restaurants and cuisine from all around the world.

Horie Toka (堀江 燈花)

This atmospheric restaurant, which serves traditional Japanese cuisine, specializes in sashimi (raw fish). Their sashimi is made with just-caught seafood, guaranteeing an exquisite flavor. If raw fish is not your thing, Horie Toka also serves cooked food, such as shabu shabu, a Japanese hot pot typically involving beef. Decorated in the style of an izakaya (Japanese tavern), the establishment also serves some excellent sake and other liqueurs.


Address: Canal terrace Horie West Wing 2F, 1-5-17 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, +81 06-6110-8688

Bistro New Orleans

Just one of many authentic non-Japanese restaurants in Horie, Bistro New Orleans serves New Orleans specialties such as gumbo and Cajun chicken. The joint is owned by a New Orleans native, guaranteeing the authenticity of the dishes.


Address: 1-15-10 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0014, +81 6536-0006

Pompocotei (狸狸亭)

Pompocotei serves okonomiyaki, a uniquely Osakan grill cuisine. In the center of each table is a metal grill like those used for teppanyaki, where you can grill your own food. While meat, seafood and vegetables are all available, the must-try dish is okonomiyaki, which is sometimes referred to as a Japanese pizza, made from flour and mixed with ingredients that commonly include seafood, eggs, meat, and cheese.


Address: 3-6-8 Kitahorie Nishi-ku Osaka, +81 06-6534-1237

Sushi Kaiba (本等鮨 海馬)

This cozy sushi restaurant adamantly uses the freshest of seafood in their sushi and sashimi, as the fresh taste of the fish, as well as the smooth texture, is imperative to the quality of the dish. For those who do not enjoy sushi or raw fish, Sushi Kaiba also serves cooked items such as grilled fish and tempura. The exterior of the establishment is decorated like a mix between a traditional Japanese restaurant and a modern cafe, an aesthetic that extends to the interior.


Address: 1-15-22 Kitahorie Nishi-ku Osaka, +81 06-6532-2918

Basara Kaerudou (婆沙羅)

This Western-styled cafe perfectly showcases the fusion of Western and Japanese dishes. Basara Kaerudo serves primarily Japanese dishes, with Western influences, such as curry rice and tempura, with a side of potato croquettes or fries. Typically Western dessert sundaes are also mixed with Oriental flavors such as red beans and rice balls. This restaurant is famous for its curry, which is made using a secret recipe: try it with an omelette, pork, or even just by itself.


Address: 2-2-24 Kitahorie Nishi-ku Osaka, +81 06-6532-7157

Cafe Absinthe

This Mediterranean restaurant and bar, which serves authentic fare such as humus and pita bread, is a favorite of Osaka’s international community. At night, occupied by a lively, interesting crowd from all over the world, Cafe Absinthe’s bar scene is perfect for having fun with friends. The establishment offers an impressive cocktail list and also shisha. A supporter of local artists, Cafe Absinthe invites a different local artist to exhibit their work each month.


Address: South-Yotsubashi Bldg. 1F, 1-2-27 Kitahorie, Nishi-Ku, Osaka, 550-0014, +81 06-6534-6635

Kosuiten (壺水天)

A small, cozy shop, Kosuiten is decorated with a hipster vibe reminiscent of a Californian diner. Their famous ramen can be served with a variety of ingredients and rich soup bases, while other dishes such as fried rice are also available. They also serve a variety of Japanese and Western snacks  such as fried dumplings and French fries.


Address: 1-23-12 Minamihorie, Nishiku, Osaka 550-0015, +81 6-4390-7270

Biotop Corner Stand

This venue is composed of Biotop Corner Stand, a coffee shop on the ground floor, and Cubierta, a restaurant on the rooftop. In accordance with its principle of using natural ingredients, there is a lot of greenery used in the decoration of its premises, whether it is the indoor coffee shop or the outdoor restaurant. Biotop Corner Stand,in particular serves some of the best hand-dripped coffee in Osaka.


Address: 1/F, 4/F 1-16-1 Minamihorie Nishi-ku Osaka, +81-6-6531-8226 (Biotop Corner Stand), +81-6-6531-8227 (Biotop Cubierta)

Chao Lua

Another one of a series of restaurants serving international cuisine in Horie, Chao Lua is a Vietnamese restaurant popular with young locals due to its cute and colorful decor. On one hand, the interior is reminiscent of Vietnamese food stalls, while on the other it is influenced by modern Japanese elements such as its tidy aestheticism. The authentic Vietnamese fare it serves is reasonably priced, making it a local favorite.


Address: 1-14-1 Minamihorie Nishi-ku Osaka, +81 6-6537-6789

Covent Garden

More of a bar than a restaurant, Covent Garden is one of the most popular eateries in Horie. It is styled like a British pub and serves mostly Western food, including some of the most authentic American burgers and pizzas in Osaka. The establishment gives a homey and relaxed ambiance and has great cocktails and alcoholic drinks, making it an ideal place to chill with friends at the end of a long day of shopping in the nearby Shinsaibashi or Dotonbori.


Address: 2-5-10 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, +81 06-4391-3177