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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Umeda, Japan
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Umeda, Japan

Picture of Prema Chablani
Updated: 7 November 2016
Being one of the busiest business districts in Osaka, Umeda is jam-packed with restaurants, bars and cafes. There are plenty of options for brunch in Umeda, so have a look at our 10 best spots in this vibrant city of Japan.
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Hawaiian Pancake Factory

What you can expect from the Hawaiian Pancake Factory is an abundance of whipped cream piled high on light, fluffy pancakes, complete with syrup flooding the plate, and more. With a selection of eight different flavors, from mango and coconut to chocolate and banana, a food coma is in sight. Beyond pancakes, they offer a wide variety of drinks, from Hawaiian tropical fruit juices to Hawaiian beers. The pancake house is a go-to place for a relaxing, holiday mood.

8F Yodobashi Umeda, 1-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, +81661318841

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The City Bakery

Offering up an assortment of savory breakfasts, including a choice between croissants or French toast accompanied with eggs, bacon and salad is The City Bakery. This place is becoming increasingly popular with locals and visitors alike. Also serving a good range of pastries and a selection of fresh juices, like kale and orange, The City Bakery is sure to fulfill your brunch desires, whether they are light or heavy. Their hot chocolate and pastries come recommended, so be sure to check them out.

B1F Grand Front, 4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, +81 663 592 010

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Specializing in teas, from royal milk tea to tea-soda, this quaint little shop offers up a small menu. Besides tea, they do three types of cake: brandy cake, chocolate, and orange cake. They also do their own special kind of cake called a ring pancake – crispy on the outside with the texture of a rice cake on the inside. They douse it in tea-flavored syrup and serve it up with ice cream. For any tea fanatic, head over to TeeTa and try their delicious cake selection.

4-7-10 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, +81 663 120 005

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Café & Books Bibliothèque

This artsy little shop in the middle of Umeda serves as a library, a live music performance space, an art exhibition, and a cafe. At Café & Books Bibliothèque, you will find a variety of savory options for your brunching. You can opt between a savory pancake, a pasta brunch, the chef’s rice-based special, or a soup and salad plate. All are delicious options and if you’re looking for something sweet, you can add on the dessert of the day.

B1F E~ma, 1-12-6 Umeda, Kita-Ku, Osaka, Japan, +81 647 957 553

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Sitting on the first floor of the Ritz-Carlton, Splendido provides an Italian-themed brunch buffet, which is a little bit on the pricey side. However, you are treated to a great range of dishes, from a cheese and fish selection, to a variety of hot dishes. There is also a medley of pasta and vegetable dishes. With such a range to choose from, all prepared by the hotel’s gourmet chef, you are certain to have a filling and delicious brunch experience at the Ritz.

1F The Ritz Carlton Osaka, 2-5-25 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, +81 663 437 020

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Roll Madu

Sitting in a prime location in Umeda, Roll Madu is famous for their spongy roll cakes. Coming in several flavors, customers are encouraged to order a selection of roll cakes with a cup of coffee. If roll cakes don’t suit your tastes, they have a nice range of desserts including fresh Belgian waffles. Roll Madu is the perfect place for a light, sweet meal if you’re planning on snacking on all the Japanese street food in Osaka throughout the day.

BF2 Herbis Ent. Plaza, 2-2-22 Umeda, Osaka, Japan, +81 663 464 877

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Brothers Café

Brothers Café is a little pancake house in the OPA building in Umeda. Serving up a variety of sweet pancakes with ranges of fluffiness, you’re sure to fill your pancake needs here. They’ve even got sweet and savory French toasts if you don’t want a pancake. Brothers Café offers an original creation called a scookie, which is a crispy pancake with a tower of cream on top, decorated with fruits. You get an additional soft fluffy pancake, which is covered in a delicious sauce of your choice: strawberry, chocolate, raspberry or orange.

1-27 Chayamachi, Kita Ward, Osaka, Japan, +81 663 713 220

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Pan de Mère

You can expect freshly baked galettes and crêpes from this cute French-style restaurant. Pop over to Pan de Mère for brunch and order a savory galette. Try an okonomiyaki-style galette, which puts a Japanese spin on a traditional French dish. If you are after something sweeter, they have fresh crêpes on offer and you can choose your toppings and sauce. They open for lunch fairly early on, so if you’re craving something more substantial they’ve got plenty of pastas on offer as well.

7F Grand Front, 4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, +81 664 857 280


A New York-style restaurant, Sarabeth’s serves an all-day breakfast. You can order a plate of fresh fruits and follow it up with the famous lemon and ricotta pancakes. They also have a variety of French toasts and a wide range of eggs, including the brunch classic, eggs Benedict. From 11am, they start serving more lunch foods, as well such as macaroni and cheese, and club sandwiches. Be sure to check out Sarabeth’s if you’re looking for a more traditional western brunch.

BF1 LUCUA 1100, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, +81 663 427 722

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Hüg French Toast Café

Located just 10 minutes away from Osaka station, Hüg French Toast Café specializes in French toast (as the name suggests). They have a range of sweet toasts, as well as plates of savories with English muffins turned into French toasts, poached eggs, and bacon. The cafe also offers a traditional Japanese treat, kakikori, which is shaved ice doused in flavored syrup. Their thick French toasts, or beautifully decorated French toast baguettes, are sure to fill you right up. This venue offers a delicious brunching experience.

2-4-26 Nakazaki, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, +81 663 732 331