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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Minami And Namba, Osaka
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Minami And Namba, Osaka

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Updated: 2 November 2016
In a nation that values rising early, it can be difficult to find a decent brunch in Osaka. Here, we explore the best places for lazy brunches in Minami and Namba, the main downtown and tourist area of Osaka, which includes Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori and Nipponbashi.
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River Café ( リバーカフェ)

From its location along the Dotonbori Canal, the River Café has a lovely view of Osaka’s downtown. This ambient café serves Western food with Japanese influences, and is a great place for brunch. Although they don’t have a specific brunch menu, they serve breakfast and brunch foods available in their lunch and a la carte menus.

Address: 3F, 1-3-1 Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0017, +81-06-6635-0234


It can be hard finding a place that serves breakfast and brunch items past 11, as Japanese culture has a strong emphasis on rising early. So thank goodness for Eggs n Things, an all day breakfast café. They are most famous for their buttermilk pancakes, but they also serve a variety of other brunch items, including waffles, crepes, eggs and more.

Address: 2-10-2 Nishishinsaibashi Chuo-ku Osaka Osaka, +81-6-6214-6214

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Pan Café Swallowtail (スワロウテイル)

A bakery café in Kitahorie, Pan Café Swallowtail is known for their bread. Their French toast in particular is a popular choice. The fluffy bread is served with syrup and dusted with generous amounts of icing sugar. They also have a selection of sandwiches, and their lunch menu, which starts at 11.30am, changes daily. This petite café is decorated in a pretty storybook aesthetic; with its white walls, wooden ceiling and displayed trinkets, it’s easy to fall in love with its charm.

Address: 3-11-9 Kitahorie Nishi-ku Osaka Osaka, +81-6-6533-7880

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Hanamaruken (花丸軒)

One of the best Japanese foods that can be eaten at brunch is ramen, and when it comes to ramen it’s hard to find a better joint than Hanamaruken. This tiny shop, located near the historical Hozen-ji temple and alleyway, has less than 20 seats along a counter where you can watch the staff cook your ramen. The texture of the ramen is the perfect balance between springy and soft, and their homemade soup base is flavourful, making for a delicious Japanese brunch.

Address: 1-2-1 Nanba Chuo-ku Osaka, +81-6-6213-0131

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Elk (エルク)

A chic pancake house located in Shinsaibashi, Elk has a cosy, youthful décor that combines comfy armchairs with stylish trinkets and lamps. Famed for their pancakes, Elk serves a huge range of brunch items throughout the day, from buttermilk pancakes to eggs Benedict, from crepes to soup and pasta. For the ultimate brunch combination, try the scrambled eggs and bacon pancakes, or if you’re feeling particularly Japanese, you can’t go wrong with the matcha pancakes.

Address: 1-10-28 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, +81-6-6245-3773

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Brothers Café

As with so many Western foods, the Japanese have their own take when it comes to pancakes; and we’re not talking about the Osaka speciality okonomiyaki. Brothers Café is a pancake house that specializes in light and sweet Japanese pancakes, perfect for breakfast, brunch or dessert. The pancakes can be served with anything, from classic butter and syrup, to bananas and chocolate, to teriyaki chicken. They also serve a smaller selection of French toast.

Address: 5-1-60 Namba Chuo-ku Osaka Osaka, +81-6-6644-2730

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Rich Garden

One of the best burger joints in Osaka, Rich Garden is located in Dotonbori. This cosy, hip café serves not only some of the most delicious gourmet burgers in Osaka, but also other Western café food, including pasta, salad, and brunch food such as sweet French toast, waffles and assorted pancakes. So whether you’re looking for a typical brunch of pancakes, or a filling one of burgers or pasta, Rich Garden is a great choice.

Address: 2-13-5 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, +81-6-6210-5885

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Arabiya (アラビヤコーヒー)

Located just behind the historical Hozen-ji Yokocho alleyway, is Arabiya, a warm, quaint café that fosters a well-deserved reputation for their excellent coffee. With its dark wooden furniture and uncovered brick walls, Arabiya has a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Their coffee is famous for being dark and bitter, but lattes are also available if you prefer it milky. For food, they serve simple sandwiches, eggs, and pancakes.

Address: 1-6-7 Nanba Chuo-ku Osaka Osaka, +81-6-6211-8048

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Café Mog

This lovely café in Namba specializes in buttermilk pancakes, which are made using a secret recipe. These pancakes are perfectly light and fluffy, and made-to-order on the shop premises to ensure that they are served fresh. Options range from classic buttermilk pancakes served with syrup and butter, to the aromatic apple and tea rye pancakes, to the chili Mexican pancakes. Whether you choose to stay with the familiar or to be a risk-taker, Café Mog is sure to satisfy your pancake cravings.

Address: 3-7-9 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, +81-6-6636-5995

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West Wood Bakers

This friendly neighborhood café, located a few blocks from Dotonbori Canal, is one of the best places in Horie to get authentic, filling brunch food. Like many cafés in Japan, they don’t have a specific brunch menu, but they serve breakfast and brunch foods well into the afternoon. West Wood Bakers is a popular place for brunch among the international community that calls Osaka home.

Address: 1-16-9 Minamihorie Nishi-ku Osaka Osaka, +81-6-6538-0022