Sore Throat? Cough Drop Flavor KitKats Hit Japanese Convenience Stores

KitKat Petit | © David Pursehouse/Flickr
KitKat Petit | © David Pursehouse/Flickr
Photo of Alicia Joy
Tokyo Writer24 August 2017

Japanese KitKats are instantly recognizable around the globe and loved for their unique and interesting flavors. This time around, Nestlé Japan has come out with one of their most novel inventions to date – a soothing lozenge flavor KitKat.

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything else, KitKat Japan amazes its fans with another winning flavor combination. KitKat’s Nodo Ame (cough drop) flavor will feature real cough drop powder in every bite, meaning these little treats will pack a peculiar punch. The lozenge powder makes up 2.1% of the total ingredients and is blended into the white chocolate coating.

KitKat Cough Drop Flavor | © Nestle Japan

If the timing of a cough drop-flavored KitKat seems a bit premature considering the cold season is still a few months off, that’s because it’s actually being marketed as a throat-soothing snack for cheering sports fans, coinciding with the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Asian qualifiers.

Fittingly, then, the packaging features Yasutaro Matsuki, former Japanese soccer star and sports commentator well known for his enthusiastic play-by-plays. His image on the box declares, “It’s one more point! Another point!” KitKat Nodo Ame flavor will be available in convenience stores throughout Japan until September 10.

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