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Soft serve ice cream | © melati411/Pixabay
Soft serve ice cream | © melati411/Pixabay
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Shibuya’s Newest Popup Cafe Is Devoted Entirely to Dairy Cream

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Tokyo Writer
Updated: 21 July 2017
For one month only, a popup cafe where cream is the primary ingredient has opened in collaboration with Shibuya’s Cafe Manduka. Fittingly called MILK, the cafe is serving up summer-worthy frozen treats until July 30th.

MILK is calling itself Japan’s first specialty shop devoted to fresh cream. In Japan, “nama cream” usually refers to heavy or whipping cream made from milk fat, meaning no vegetable fats or oils are used to thicken it. Used for desserts, it’s regarded as purer, of higher quality and of course more delicious. The popup opened up in collaboration with Manduka Cafe and managing company Operation Factory on July 1st. According to MILK’s official webpage, they conducted research on cream and milk with Takanashi Milk in order to provide a premium product for the cafe.

So far, MILK has been well received and wait times can be long. For each item on the menu, from “cakes” to “parfaits”, cream from cows is the primary ingredient. The Milk Cream Chiffon Cake may look like nothing more than a pile of garnished whipped cream, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s MILK’s star menu item and comes in three flavors: plain, berry and chocolate banana. The Milky Soft Parfait is made with Tokuno Milk from Hokkaido. The “parfait” layers are created with tapioca pearls, milk pudding and soft serve ice cream. For takeout only is the Milky Soft Cream (soft serve ice cream) in original flavor.

期間限定に弱い😇 #生クリーム専門店 #意外とさっぱり #1ヶ月限定悲しい…

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While not a traditional part of the Japanese diet, dairy products and milk in particular rose in popularity after World War II, when the government began adding it to lunches at public schools. It eventually made its way into private homes and today a wide range of dairy products are popular throughout the country.

MILK is located in Shibuya’s Cafe Manduka.

Japan, 〒150-0041 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan, 1 Chome−22 神南1丁目22−11 ルミネマン渋谷1F