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Dave Grohl | © Ed Vill/Flickr
Dave Grohl | © Ed Vill/Flickr
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Rick Astley and Foo Fighters Just Pranked a Japanese Music Festival

Picture of Ann Lee
Music Editor
Updated: 21 August 2017
Foo Fighters have dueted with a lot of talented people.

The Kills frontwoman Alison Mosshart, Stevie Nicks, Queen…

And now, erm, 1980s pop legend Rick Astley.

Astley joined the band on stage at Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo, Japan, during their headline set on Sunday.

Fans were treated to a surprise performance of Astley’s hit song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, which was given a grunge makeover by Foo Fighters.

Frontman Dave Grohl announced that he’d only just met the singer at the festival.

He said: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome our new best friend, Rick Astley. This is f**king crazy. I just met him two minutes ago.’

Astley then picked up a microphone and shouted: ‘Come on you motherf***ers!’

The band then teased the audience by playing the opening riff to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ before launching into ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

The stunt was a real, live version of a popular internet prank known as Rickrolling.

Internet users click on a link thinking it’s something else only to be greeted with a recording of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

Well played, guys.