Osaka's Top 5 Kaiseki Restaurants

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9 February 2017

Kaiseki is a style of Japanese cuisine, which resembles a set meal where numerous small dishes are served to each person on an individual tray. This style is well-known for its extensive preparation and delightful presentation and is perhaps the most expensive of Japanese cuisine. It is a must-try while in Japan, so check out our list of the five best kaiseki restaurants in Osaka.

Kaiseki Soup | © Suviko Korhornen/Flickr

Kaiseki TAMA

Kaiseki TAMA, located in Ame-mura, is one of the most popular kaiseki restaurants in Osaka. They are generally fully booked so we recommend calling at least two days in advance. Once you’ve chosen your price bracket, you’ll start to receive beautifully presented dishes that are all very satisfying. Each course is explained in English and, though the ingredients are simple, each dish is unique. Kaiseki TAMA is renowned for its high quality service and sake.
1-13-17 Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan, +81 665 857 586

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Kaiseki Hor d'ouvres
Kaiseki Hor d'ouvres | © Larry Halff/Flickr
Holding two Michelin stars, Honkogetsu offers one of the most sublime kaiseki experiences. Located in the city center, you’ll find yourself immersed in a friendly and informal atmosphere with a talkative chef who you can watch prepare your meal. English is understood and once you are seated, the dishes start rolling in. Honkogetsu is perhaps one of the most expensive kaiseki meals but the price is understandable once you begin eating. The restaurant is located in a narrow alley, so be sure to write down directions before you head over.

Price: fine dining

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 5pm – 9.30pm

Watch out for: how filling each dish gets


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Preparing kaiseki
Preparing kaiseki | © Wally Gobetz/Flickr
Found in an inconspicuous side alley, Masuda serves one of the best kaiseki meals in Osaka. Be sure to book in advance as they only have space for 20 at a time. At Masuda, you order by price range and the chef will prepare your meal depending on the catch of the day and the season. The staff at the restaurant do not speak much English but they do their best to explain the dishes using photos and what language they do know.


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14-course Kaiseki meal
14-course Kaiseki meal | ©amanderson2/Flickr
The increasingly popular Aoki is fairly difficult to find and even harder to get a booking at. This tiny but delicious restaurant has just eight counter seats so it is best to book well in advance. There is just one course menu in which the chef decides all your dishes; so just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful flavors that are served at Aoki. You can even see and taste the attention and precision put into each dish at this friendly, tastefully decorated restaurant.


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With only 12 counter seats, Koryu is a tiny restaurant that creates a homely, friendly atmosphere. The counter seats overlook the kitchen, allowing you to watch the chef prepare your intricately cooked meal with precision and care. The chefs are incredibly friendly, take pride in their work and are happy to answer any questions. So if you have any doubts, just go by the knowledgeable chef’s recommendations and you’re bound to have a delicious experience. Koryu tends to just use local ingredients, so head over to experience the local taste.