Meet Japan's Travelling Hedgehog

Meet Azuki, The Cutest Hedgehog From Japan |  © BoredPandaAnimals/ Youtube
Meet Azuki, The Cutest Hedgehog From Japan | © BoredPandaAnimals/ Youtube
Photo of Lucy Dayman
6 November 2017

So it’s pretty much official, the world’s most adorable explorer has been discovered. Meet Azuki the hedgehog from Japan whose perfectly staged photos and ridiculously cute face has amassed him almost 270k followers on instagram. Azuki (あずき in Japanese) gets his name from the red bean that’s found across Asia, but is particularly popular in Japanese sweet dishes like mochi (rice cakes) and yōkan. He is a sweet little guy!

During his career, the adventurous hedgehog has tried his hand at being a hat model, a food blogger and even a tiny helicopter! But it’s his latest endeavour that’s his most impressive. Now adding ‘traveller’ to his list of credentials, Azuki is trying life as a rough and ready outdoor adventurer.

His recent activities have included kayaking, setting up camp and of course barbecuing what we can only assume to be freshly caught freshwater fish under the stars. Move over Bear Grylls, there’s a new name on the outdoor adventurer scene.

After a big day of exploring and foraging for food, there’s nothing better than relaxing by the campsite, and enjoying the serenity of the great outdoors. In a few of his instagram shots, Azuki shows his relaxed side, kicking back and preparing to dig into an impressive spread of pie, cheese and deli meat all while enjoying his pint sized equipment and furniture provided by outdoor camping company Coleman.

The Coleman camping company, obviously pretty impressed with Azuki’s adventurous nature decked him out with everything you need for living in the wild, including a teeny tiny tent, a wagon for all his little luggage, a very supportive camping chair, a grill, and a kayak for tearing up the rapids. Even if you’re not the camping type, a scroll through his instagram account will make you rethink your stance on living in the great outdoors.

From the Japanese Shiba Kabosu who inspired the ‘doge’ meme to the cat kimonos craze and mini designer Japanese cat furniture, it’s fair to argue that in previous years Japan’s viral pet scene has been ruled by cats and dogs. Now though Japan’s more ‘exotic’ pet industry is booming and tiny, more apartment friendly animals like hamsters (and hedgehogs) are the go to furry companions for those in high rise city dwellings.

In fact hamsters were so popular a few years ago that their rear ends sparked a nation-wide viral meme called ‘hamuketsu’ (ハムケツ). The term ‘hamuketsu’ is a combination of the word ‘hamster’ and ‘ketsu’, which means butt in Japanese. Instragram and social media platforms were swamped with owners posting weirdly adorable pictures of their hamster’s butt. When it comes to viral cuteness from Japan, what’s next is anyone’s guess (here’s hoping it’s the capybaras) however for now follow Azuki on instagram for your daily dose of the warm and fuzzies.

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