Kyoto’s Best Spots for Delicious Tofu

Yudofu at Shoraian in Kyoto| © 
City Foodsters
Yudofu at Shoraian in Kyoto| © City Foodsters Flickr
Tofu which was brought to Japan from China during the Nara Period (710-794). Adopted by the Kyoto nobility it soon spread throughout Kyoto and Japan. Tofu dishes come in all forms from boiled and chilled tofu to fried and baked tofu. Here is our list of the best spots for Tofu in Kyoto.
Yudofu at Shoraian in Kyoto © City Foodsters Flickr

Saga Tofu Ine

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Saga Tofu Ine is a tofu restaurant in Arashiyama, a popular tourist destination on the western outskirts of Kyoto. It specialises in the flavours of the Saga-Arashiyama area with fresh seasonal vegetables and tasty local ingredients. Popular tofu dishes at Saga Tofu Ine include Yuba (tofu skim) and Yudofu (tofu in hot broth).
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Tofu at Tosuiro
Tofu at Tosuiro | © spektrograf/Flickr
Tousuiro operates two branches in Kyoto at Kiyamachi and Gion that represent the 1,200 year feel and taste of old Kyoto. The experience in this tofu lover’s paradise is simple and refined with the dishes brought out by kimono clad waitresses. There is a great variety here from deep fried tofu to tofu ice cream. The humble bean curd has never looked or tasted better!
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Yudofu Sagano

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Yudofu Sagano is a great place to try Yudofu, an Arashiyama Buddhist speciality featuring chunks of tofu simmered in a hot broth. The popular dish is served with a variety of side dishes and owes its heritage to the many Zen temples and Buddhist monks in the area. The atmospheric restaurant is both causal and spacious with an indoor dining room as well as outdoor seating available.
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Inside Shoraian
Inside Shoraian | © City Foodsters Flickr
Shoraian is another popular tofu restaurant in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto, located near the famous Togetsu-kyo Moon Crossing Bridge. Dining here is almost the ultimate Kyoto experience with the meals served in room’s right by the river, overlooking the lush and colourful mountains of Arashiyama. Don’t forget to make a reservation to reserve your spot.
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Nanzenji Junsei

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Nanzenji Junsei is a Japanese restaurant located near Nanzen-ji Temple that is famous for its simple but superb tofu dishes. Here you can savour the subtle flavour of Yudofu (tofu in hot broth) served with spring onions, ginger or red peppers. You can enjoy traditional dishes while admiring the scenery of the restaurant’s beautifully maintained Japanese garden. You can even take a walk around the vast stroll garden after your meal.
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