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Sumiko Iwamuro took up DJing aged 70 | (c)  Pexels
Sumiko Iwamuro took up DJing aged 70 | (c) Pexels
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Introducing DJ Sumirock, the 82-Year-Old Granny Tearing It up in Tokyo

Picture of Ann Lee
Music Editor
Updated: 20 April 2017
Most 82-year-olds looking to take up a new hobby might consider knitting or some gentle tai chi.

Not Sumiko Iwamuro. The Japanese granny has chosen to spend her later years tearing up the dance floor as DJ Sumirock.

During the day, she makes dumplings at the Chinese restaurant she runs in Tokyo, where she has been working for 60 years. At night, she plays at some of the Japanese capital’s hottest clubs.

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Sumiko took up lessons at her local music school at the age of 70, after her husband passed away. After honing her skills at her son’s birthday party, she started playing in clubs.

She now has a monthly residency at DecaBarZ nightclub, located in the Shinjuku district.

Sumiko told TRT World that she likes an eclectic playlist.

“It’s fundamentally techno music, but just that would be boring. I add jazz, French chanson and a bit of classical music.”

Something tells us that with DJ Sumirock on the decks, the party never gets boring.