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Easter decorations | © RitaE/Pixabay
Easter decorations | © RitaE/Pixabay
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How and Where to Celebrate Easter in Tokyo

Picture of Alicia Joy
Tokyo Writer
Updated: 23 March 2017
Looking to make the most of your Easter celebrations in Tokyo? We’ve got everything you need to enjoy this special holiday season in the nation’s capital.

Make time for Easter brunch

Easter brunch is a tradition in many families, and local restaurants and organizations are happy to play host. The Grand Hyatt‘s annual Easter menu is one of the best in the city, because it not only features world-class cuisine, but they stock their pastry boutique with unique, artful takes on the chocolate-loving holiday.

Feast your eyes on the Chocolat de Easter

Chocolat de Easter was started by the Valrhona chocolate company’s Japan branch. It is an organization that seeks to promote and organize activities relating to Easter in Tokyo. The celebration is different every year, but usually features eye-popping displays, while typical Easter activities like egg hunts and decorating play a supporting role.

Attend Easter Sunday Mass

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without reflecting on the origins of this holiday deeply rooted in the Christian faith. There are all kinds of churches in Tokyo, including bilingual ones, which would be happy to welcome you for their yearly Easter Sunday Mass.

Inside St. Alban's Church in Tokyo | © Aw1805/WikiCommons
Inside St. Alban’s Church in Tokyo | © Aw1805/WikiCommons

Indulge in Easter treats

Easter, with its cute bunnies and colorful pastel motifs, is the perfect theme for Tokyo’s bakeries, pâtisseries and sweet shops to play with. From convenience stores and dessert chains to high-end bakeries and luxury pastry makers, there are endless options to help get you in that Easter mood.

Easter themed Disney treats for sale at Ginza Cozy Corner | © Alicia Joy
Easter X Disney treats for sale at Ginza Cozy Corner | © Alicia Joy

Visit an Easter Sweets Forest

Sweets Forest has been called a dessert theme park. The place is filled with individual vendors staffed by skilled pastry chefs, ready to dish out any kind of dessert you can imagine. Sweets Forest loves keeping up with seasonal trends, so of course they like to host their very own Easter celebrations, too.

Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka is ready for Easter | © Alicia Joy
Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka is ready for Easter | © Alicia Joy

Enjoy Easter, Disney-style

Year after year, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are always happy to celebrate Easter with their guests, and the Disneyland parade is one of the most festive activities on the city’s calendar. Now Sanrio Puroland, home of Hello Kitty, is joining in and will be throwing its own annual Easter bash featuring limited edition merch, special events, and Easter-themed treats.

Easter at Tokyo Disneyland | © kosabe/Flickr
Easter at Tokyo Disneyland | © kosabe/Flickr