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Wander through the Crystal Universe | Courtesy of teamLab
Wander through the Crystal Universe | Courtesy of teamLab
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Digital Art Collective teamLab Open Their First Permanent Gallery

Picture of Lucy Dayman
Updated: 9 February 2018

Since 2001 the enigmatic Japanese art collective teamLab have been winning over fans and art critics around the world thanks to their groundbreaking immersive exhibits. After travelling the world exhibiting their creations, the company has officially announced they’ll be opening a permanent museum in Odaiba, Tokyo.

At first Odaiba seems like an unlikely place for an art gallery considering it’s a man-made island filled to the brim with flashy entertainment outlets and mega-sized shopping outlets. However, once you look at teamLab’s artistic focus of combining the natural world with tech-driven innovation, this futuristic inlet is the perfect location. Officially titled ‘MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM teamLab Borderless’ or ‘Digital Art Museum’ for short, the site is set to open this summer.

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Courtesy of teamLab

For the uninitiated, teamLab are a 400 strong group of artists, engineers, designers, CG animators, mathematicians and many other talented professionals who all come together to craft works that challenge the concepts of what art can be. None of the teamLab members are ever cited in the works, as teamLab’s main focus is collaboration over individual recognition.

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Wander through the Crystal Universe | Courtesy of teamLab

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Mix03 | Courtesy of teamLab

In March last year Culture Trip spoke with founder of teamLab, Toshiyuki Inoko during the group’s immersive London exhibition ‘Transcending Boundaries’. Since then, they’ve built countless other unique works including turning an entire Japanese park into a digital gallery and crafting the vibrant digital installation for the Gallery Children’s Biennale at the National Gallery Singapore.

The decision to open this new museum came from the fact that the collective were yet to find a major gallery space strictly dedicated to the growing world of digital art. Though Berlin is home to a Digital Art Museum, it is predominantly online, with only a small brick and mortar space located in the Mitte district.

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Main Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives in the Stone Wall | Courtesy of teamLab

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Soft Black Hole | Courtesy of teamLab

As a teamLab spokesperson told Quartzy, the main motive behind the exhibits that will be showcased here is to create a fully immersive space, free of traditional boundaries, they want to “tear down the borders between ‘one art and another,’ ‘art and visitors’ and ‘oneself and others’ by allowing visitors to melt into the art and become part of it.”

Located in Odaiba’s already established Palette Town complex, the museum was created in collaboration with the Mori Building Company, the team behind many of Tokyo’s other iconic sites including Omotesando Hills, Roppongi Hills and of course, the Mori Art Museum. Together the two organizations hope to create a location that will reinforce Tokyo’s reputation for being one of the most innovative cultural capitals of the world. For more information on the official opening, keep an eye on the teamLab website.

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Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of the Koi and People | Courtesy of teamLab