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Cat | © Gerhard Bögner/Pixabay
Cat | © Gerhard Bögner/Pixabay
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Cat Lovers, Rejoice! Japan is Launching a Cat Cafe Train

Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 15 August 2017
For all the cat lovers out there, there is nothing quite as satisfying as sipping a warm latte in the company of adoptable cats at a charming café. Cat cafés have popped up all over the world—from Bali to New York—but count on Japan to take the cat café to the next level with a new cat café train.

Yes, you read that right. Japan is launching a cat café train where travelers can combine their love of furry friends, travel, and bento boxes. According to VIVA Lifestyle and Travel, “Beginning September 10, the Cat Café Train will leave from Gifu’s Ogaki station at 10:30 am and arrive at the Ikeno station at 1 pm. The day trip will last just two and a half hours in each direction, and will allow for travelers to cuddle up with adorable rescue cats from Gifu Prefecture’s Sanctuary cat café.”

Japan’s new Cat Café Train ultimately hopes to help cats find a forever home, but if adopting a feline isn’t in the cards for you, the cats still benefit from friendly socializing with passengers.

Tickets for the Cat Café Train start at $27 USD, which includes a one-way ride, lunch and unlimited snuggle time with cats. Now, excuse us while we go book our train tickets for this purr-fect ride.