Hip Apartments in Kyoto, Japan, You'll Want to Call Home

Book a stay at the Iori Machiya Stay if you are after a traditional Kyoto living experience
Book a stay at the Iori Machiya Stay if you are after a traditional Kyoto living experience | Courtesy of Iori Machiya Stay / Expedia
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6 January 2021

Japan’s old capital Kyoto offers an enormous haul of sights and experiences, from its 2,000 shrines and temples to its blossom-filled parks and gardens. And, for visitors who are looking to enjoy home comforts during their stay, there’s a huge selection of holiday apartments, too. In these independent-minded stays, facilities range from private terraces with river views to fully equipped kitchens and just-for-you spas.


Suite Hotel, Apartment
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Courtesy of Bijuu / Expedia
Three-suite Bijuu proudly brands itself as your second home in Kyoto, and it’s easy to see why. The rooms at Bijuu offer you a luxury home environment, with enormous suites that include lounge areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and even a private, personal spa in the 501 apartment. All the luxury of a hotel with the comfort and convenience of an apartment. Coupled with a unique minimalist and pseudo-brutalist aesthetic, there is nothing quite like Bijuu.
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Hotel Sou Kyoto Gion

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Hotel Sou Kyoto Gion-1cd14a0a
Courtesy of Hotel Sou Kyoto Gion / Expedia
If you like being able to take control of your time and space, including cooking for yourself, Hotel Sou is your ideal holiday apartment. The rooms come fully equipped with a kitchen area that includes all the cooking tools you need to make every meal for yourself, so you’re free to manage your stay as you see fit.
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Glanz Kei Kyoto Station

Suite Hotel
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Glanz kei Kyoto station
Courtesy of Glanz Kei Kyoto Station / Expedia
As its name implies, Glanz Kei Kyoto Station is conveniently located near Kyoto station, giving you quick access to the rest of the Kansai region, including the cities of Osaka and Nara. Glanz Kei’s condo suites feature fully furnished cooking areas that include pots and pans for meal prep, as well as a TV and dining area for the complete home-style experience. The traditional Japanese aesthetic, including futons, adds a welcome pinch of authenticity.
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ZEN Kyoto

Serviced Apartment
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Zen Kyoto Apartment Hotel
Courtesy of Zen Kyoto Apartment Hotel / Expedia
Zen Kyoto aparthotel provides you with a perfect blend of home comforts and a Japanese aesthetic. Shoji screens and wood furnishings pair beautifully with spacious lounge and dining areas to ensure guests feel catered for in atmosphere and space. The suites, with their kitchen areas and traditional Japanese dining rooms, provide the perfect space for families staying in Kyoto.
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Ben's Guesthouse Kyoto

Apartment, Guesthouse
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Ben's Guesthouse Kyotobc6a0c24
Courtesy of Ben's Guesthouse Kyoto / Expedia
Guests staying at Ben’s Guesthouse can comfortably enjoy cooking for themselves in their own private kitchenette; each one comes kitted out with a microwave and fridge. Rooms also have private washing facilities, and, if you’re hoping to stock up during your stay, the supermarket is just down the street. Essentially, everything you need to feel at home is right on your doorstep.
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  • Aoi Kyoto Stay

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    Aoi Kyoto Stay-ece85e93
    Courtesy of Aoi Kyoto Stay / Expedia
    Spacious apartments with a minimalist approach to design, a private terrace from which to enjoy the Kyoto skyline and walls decorated with huge Japanese art pieces – Aoi Kyoto Stay offers you a one-of-a-kind experience. A tatami space for sleeping adds an extra layer of local flavour, and the comfortable sofas mean that private relaxation comes easily in these open and spacious rooms.
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    Iori Machiya Stay

    Apartment, Guesthouse
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    Iori Machiya Stay-c61c81b6
    Courtesy of Iori Machiya Stay / Expedia
    Iori Machiya Stay takes its name from the word for a traditional Japanese machiya, or townhouse, offering its guests an age-old Kyoto living experience. That experience includes art and aesthetics, such as garden views and the use of shoji screens. One of the apartments that guests can book was once an artist’s atelier. Another features a private terrace with peaceful views of the Kamo River, which runs through central Kyoto.
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    Kyostay Iroha Toji Annex

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    Kyostay Iroha Toji Annex-d29bbdc5
    Courtesy of Kyostay Iroha Toji Annex / Expedia
    Convenience and self-catering are the focus at Kyostay, ensured by offering a kitchen area for home cooking, as well as a dining area for eating together as a family. The bunk beds and double (or twin) rooms ensure families with children will be comfortable, able to cook, eat and relax together in complete privacy. Balconies offer views of a nearby temple pagoda, enticing you to explore the historic neighbourhood of Minami-ku outside.
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