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Design loft at Tokyo Midtown park | © Airbnb
Design loft at Tokyo Midtown park | © Airbnb
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AirBnB's in Tokyo You'll Never Want to Leave

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Updated: 23 February 2018
Whether you’re after high-end luxury, neon covered love hotels, super budget rooms, or classic ryokan-style Japanese stays, Tokyo has accommodation for all tastes.

But when it comes to getting a true local perspective on the city, you can’t go past staying in one of the city’s locally run AirBnB apartments. Choosing is hard though, especially when you have a city as big as Tokyo and seemingly unlimited options. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of the best on offer right now.

Design loft at Tokyo Midtown park

Sitting just five minutes from Roppongi Station, this open plan loft space is an 80m2 industrial style loft flooded with natural light. It’s a sixth floor room offering unforgettable views of the heart of Tokyo below. A nice little extra touch, this apartment has its own library of sorts, home to a large collection of design-focused books and magazines. Even if you don’t read Japanese, you’ll still enjoy flicking through the selection.

Cost: $258 USD per night

Design Loft at Tokyo Midtown park
Design loft at Tokyo Midtown park | © Airbnb

Spacious Harajuku loft

When it comes to staying in Tokyo, you can’t get much more central than the fashion-forward hub of Harajuku. A short walk to the light-drenched Shibuya Crossing in one direction and the historic Meiji Shine, and lush green Yoyogi Park in the other, you could do much worse than booking a night or two here. The loft style design with the separate room makes the place feel spacious, yet private enough to share with friends.

Cost: $219 USD per night

Harajuku Loft
Harajuku loft | © Airbnb

Modern shared room in Roppongi

This place is for the solo guest, or pair interested in making new friends, which is what travelling is all about anyway right? This modern apartment has a pretty impressive balcony on the roof. In the sweltering summer evenings there’s no place you’d rather be than lying on one of the rooftop hammocks with a cold can of Asahi in hand. The room is located in Roppongi, one of Tokyo’s major nightlife capitals so if you’re a bit more of a party animal, look no further.

Cost: $48 USD per night

Modern room in Roppongi
Modern room in Roppongi | © Airbnb

100-year-old wooden house in Shibuya

If walls could talk, this place would definitely have some stories to tell. Built over 100 years ago, the house has survived World War II and a number of major earthquakes. Located just a minute away from Hiroo subway station in the upmarket pocket of Hiroo, it’s an ideal place to stay if fine dining and café culture is your scene. It’s also just a few minutes from the party loving neighborhood of Roppongi. The light-filled house has a main room, but its common spaces can also be transformed into temporary sleeping spaces so if you’re travelling with family or friends, you’ll be able to fit just fine.

Cost: $148 USD per night

100 year old wooden house
100-year-old wooden house | © Airbnb

Tokyo artist loft in Omotesando

Smack bang in the middle of the stylish Omotesando neighborhood, this one of a kind artist studio turned accommodation is probably not for lovers of cozy spaces. Elegantly minimal, this concrete-covered cavernous loft apartment is the embodiment of brutalist-style design. If you’re a bit of a movie buff you’ll get a kick knowing that the place was inspired by a scene from the 1981 French thriller, “Diva”.

Cost: $144 USD per night

Tokyo Artist Loft in Omotesando
Tokyo artist loft in Omotesando | © Airbnb

Cute caravan in the hip heart of the city

Have you ever wanted to try camping in the heart of Tokyo? Probably not, but after checking out this adorable caravan in the city centre, things may change. Located in the outdoor communal food, bar and creative space Commune 246, this caravan includes a secluded deck with handcrafted wooden lounge, and offers access to the shared office space next door. It’s perfect for the digital nomad craving a little adventure in this concrete jungle.

Cost: $115 USD per night

A place like no other
A place like no other | © Airbnb

Music fan’s paradise in Meguro

This newly renovated apartment located in the upscale though laidback suburb of Meguro is a music fan’s ultimate dream. Designed in the style of a vintage record store theme, here you’ll find an eclectic collection of classic and maybe not so classic disks adorning pretty much every inch of the place. That said, the apartment doesn’t feel cluttered, in fact 28 square meters in size, it’s pretty spacious for such a central spot.

Cost: $192 USD per night

lux stay with VINYL RECORDS. 5min JR:Sub Sta
Lux stay with vinyl records | © Airbnb

Stylish Omotesando studio

Sitting between two of Tokyo’s most desirable areas, Harajuku and Omotesando, wanting to actually get out and explore them will be difficult when your apartment is this nice! The roomy 50-sqm apartment has a double bed and classic style Japanese futon so you can have a touch of the new with the more traditional. Head out onto the balcony to watch the glittering lights of Tokyo city come alive after the sun goes down.

Cost: $210 USD per night

New! OMOTESANDO Stylish Studio :w Balcony –SHIBUYA
Omotesando stylish studio with balcony | © Airbnb

Chiba beach retreat

Though technically not in Tokyo, this beachside yurt is definitely worth the short trek out of the city. Located in Chiba, a prefecture encompassing Tokyo’s eastern outskirts, this beachy getaway feels worlds away from the manic energy of the densely populated city. The open plan yurt sits on a terraced valley overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There’s a hot tub, fire bit, BBQ and enough beds for eight guests. If you can think of a reason not to stay here we’d like to hear it.

Cost: $152 USD per night

Reef Break Retreat
Reef break retreat | © Airbnb

Quirky playground hideaway

An iconic apartment complex made popular by HBO’s TV show “Girls”, this colorful and quirky collection of units is unlike anywhere else in the world. If you’ve ever wanted to live in an indoor playground this is your chance, the 60-sqm apartment and 11-sqm balcony offer plenty of space for both couples and large groups.

Cost: $218 USD per night

Reversible Destiny Lofts:for4people
Reversible destiny lofts | © Airbnb