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Train tracks | © Martin Winkler/Pixabay
Train tracks | © Martin Winkler/Pixabay
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A New Train Promises to Connect London and Japan

Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 19 September 2017
Russian President Vladimir Putin is spearheading the travel industry’s next big endeavor: creating a train that will aim to connect Japan and London.

Plans for the ambitious new train line were revealed recently at Russia’s Eastern Economic Forum, hosted by President Putin in Vladivostok.

According to VIVA, “The train would take travelers from London through Germany, Poland, Russia, and the Siberian Mountains before finally arriving in Wakkanai, Japan.”

The anticipated train would cover 8,400 miles and include an unprecedented 28 mile bridge that would extend across the East Sea.

“The Russian president’s environmental aid, Sergei Ivanov, has said that a link between Japan and Sakhalin – Russia’s largest island which was half controlled by Tokyo before WWII – was a ‘long held dream’ and would hugely benefit oil and gas production in the country,” reports The Independent

Russia’s first vice-premier Igor Shuvalov, tells the Siberian Times that the country is offering their Japanese partners the chance to construct a road and rail passageway to ultimately connect Russia’s Sakhalin with Hokkaido.

Currently, travelers are able to ride the Trans-Siberian railway from Beijing to Moscow, passing Mongolia on the way. The popularity of the Trans-Siberian railway—which takes 15 days to complete—suggests that a train connecting Japan to London would prove successful.