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© Tatsuo Horiuchi
© Tatsuo Horiuchi
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77-Year-Old Japanese Man Creates Amazing Paintings Using Microsoft Excel

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 16 December 2017
If you thought Excel was just for spreadsheets, think again!

77-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi has taken every business person’s favourite software to the next level, ‘painting’ traditional Japanese landscapes using Microsoft Excel. Beginning over 15 years ago, just before going into retirement, Horiuchi has worked to perfect this weird and wonderful skill and now has it down to a fine art.

It all started because the artist felt ripped off having to pay for painting supplies, which can get super expensive super quick. And he didn’t want to spend money on a fancy drawing program for his computer either.

Instead, he quickly realised that he could create the paintings of his dreams just using a tool most of us already own: Microsoft Excel. In fact, he is so skilled at this technique that in 2006 he won the Excel Autoshape Art Contest.

From mountains to cherry blossoms to snow-covered trees and pristine rivers, Horiuchi illustrates everything using the program. He even prefers it to Microsoft Paint, explaining that Excel has ‘more functions and is easier to use.’

To achieve his detailed creations, the illustrator uses simple vector drawing tools, which are normally utilised to make graphs, and paints colourful scenes of rural life in Japan.

It’s always inspiring to see an older person pick up a new passion, especially when they master it as well as Tatsuo Horiuchi. Long may he paint!

© Tatsuo Horiuchi