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Tonkotsu ramen | © Alpha/Flickr
Tonkotsu ramen | © Alpha/Flickr
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7 Things To Know About The Tokyo Ramen Show

Picture of Alicia Joy
Tokyo Writer
Updated: 17 November 2016
The annual Tokyo Ramen Show is one of the city’s most popular food events. It’s the only place in the world where you can sample freshly made local specialties from every corner of Japan all in one spot. The event is all about promoting the dish and encouraging tourism in the neighboring prefectures, especially those that are struggling. But how well do you know ramen and the Tokyo Ramen Show? Read on and find out.

The Ramen is Hyper-Local

One of the reasons why the Tokyo Ramen Show is so beloved is its reverence for gotochi ramen, or dishes unique to each prefecture of Japan – the country is known for its strong support of local tourism and agricultural products. Every region of the island has its own prized ingredients that are sure to pop up in their local renditions of ramen, making it special.


Support A Good Cause

Partial profits from the event are donated to local charities or causes with the aim of helping society as a whole. They also assist recovering areas by donating to their relief, such as Kumamoto Prefecture which was hit by an earthquake earlier this year.

Negi miso ramen | © thatwelike/Flickr
Negi miso ramen | © thatwelike/Flickr


Mascot: Naruto-Chan

Naruto-chan is touted as a ramen that came to this world to share the wonders of ramen with everyone. Its spiky head and pinwheel-shaped wand are based on fishcake designs. Mechanically formed and dyed fishcakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a common addition to many ramen recipes.


Three Dozen Ramen

At the Tokyo Ramen Show 2016, 18 vendors participated, bringing in a total of 36 types of ramen for hungry attendees to try. The ramen shops who participated came not only from the local Kanto Prefecture but from all around the island to share their local specialty.


Ramen Entertainment 

The festival is about more than noisily slurping down noodles. There are live stage shows and performances, as well as ramen-focused events. Public figures talk about their favorite ramen, and attendees can participate in yugiri games, in which players drain hot water from the noodles.


International Ramen

The event’s organizers are well aware that Japan’s ramen has international appeal. It now appears on menus on nearly every continent on Earth. That’s why one of the goals of the event is to acquaint people with ‘ramen culture’ and promote the dish to the world.


Tokyo Ramen At Home

While Tokyo Ramen Show’s organizers ask that you don’t take your serving out of the event space for hygiene reasons, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an authentic ramen experience at home. You’ll find snacks, ingredients, and other ramen-related goods from vendors during the event.