10 Pictures That Prove Hokkaido is Japan's Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Region

Mount Yotei, Hokkaido | ©663highland / Wikimedia Commons
Mount Yotei, Hokkaido | ©663highland / Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Dave Afshar
6 February 2017

Hokkaido may rank third in popularity as a tourist destination after Tokyo and Kyoto, but it is considered by the Japanese to be the most beautiful region in the country. Located at the northernmost tip of Japan, the scenic coastline, snow-capped mountains, and unspoiled nature attract millions of international travelers every year. Have a look at some of Hokkaido’s most awe inspiring views.

Shimamui Coast

Running along the Shakotan Peninsula, the Shimamui coast offers visitors the best view of the Sea of Japan. The area is located about two hours from Sapporo by car.

Shimamui Coast in Shakotan, Hokkaido prefecture, Japan. | ©663highland / Wikimedia Commons

Footbridge at Shiretoko

In addition to its five lakes, Shiretoko boasts several trails for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. The footbridge across the marshland helps hikers cross the area.

At Shiretoko Goko Lakes in Shari, Hokkaido prefecture, Japan. | ©663highland / Wikimedia Commons

Mount Rishiri

This extinct volcano rising out of the Sea of Japan is one of the few mountains in the world that features a view of the ocean from all sides. The mountain is hugely popular among hikers and campers (there’s a campground at the base) and a festival is held every July 2nd and 3rd to celebrate the beginning of hiking season.

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