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Business as usual in Tokyo. | ©Jacob Ehnmark / Wikimedia Commons
Business as usual in Tokyo. | ©Jacob Ehnmark / Wikimedia Commons
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10 Japanese Fashion Photographers to Watch Out For

Picture of Dave Afshar
Updated: 22 February 2017
From the neon-clad teenage girls of Harajuku to the businessmen of Shinjuku in their black suits, Japan has become the epicenter of colorful, bizarre, and sophisticated fashion in East Asia. Fortunately, these contemporary photographers have managed to capture the fascinating world of Japanese fashion and culture for the rest of the world to see.

Mika Ninagawa

Ninagawa has achieved international acclaim through her photography, often incorporating flowers, goldfish, and various brightly colored objects into her work. Her success in fashion and advertising eventually led to a career in directing film and music videos.

Yasumasa “Yone” Yonehara

Achieving popularity in China as well as Japan, Yone is known for using a simple Polaroid as his main camera. His work mainly focuses on street culture and fashion as well as DJing.

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Sayaka Maruyama

Having lived a part of her childhood in Denmark, Maruyama’s work sheds light on the contrast between Eastern and Western ideals of beauty, encouraging viewers to question their own concepts of beauty and fashion.

Yokasuka Noriaki

Although he passed away in 2003, Noriaki’s black and white photography continues to influence fashion designers and artists around the world. He was the first Japanese photographer to be featured in Italian, German, and French prints of Vogue magazine. Though he never released a formal portfolio, you can see some of his work here.

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Yasunari Kikuma

Kikuma’s unique minimalist camera style has led to international acclaim, having been featured in Elle, Vogue, and Dazed and Confused. His subjects include various international celebrities such as Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, and the members of Franz Ferdinand.

Nagi Sakai

Recognized for his work with both film and portraits, Sakai’s photography has been included in several fashion and design publications including Vogue magazine. His subjects are usually female.

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Toshio Onda

Influenced by the late Yokasuka Noriaki, Onda’s work is stark, atmospheric, and elegant. He has been featured in a number of international magazines and publications, including GQ and Vogue.

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Rei Shito

Shito is something of a local celebrity in Tokyo, having been featured in primarily in Japanese publications such as Elle Japon, Ginza Magazine, and Figaro Japon. Her work mostly focuses on Japanese street fashion and culture, and she is known to frequent the fashionable Tokyo neighborhood of Harajuku.

Nobuyoshi Araki

Having published over 350 photography books, Araki’s work strays from traditional fashion photography and focuses more on the sexuality of its subjects. His photos are known for being erotic and some critics have accused him of trying to pass off pornography as art.

Daido Moriyama

Another unconventional artist, Moriyama gives viewers insight into the darker aspects of Japanese street life and culture. His work focuses on the cultural shift that began after World War II as Japan moved further away from its traditional values in favor of modern living and globalization.

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