Israel, Middle East

Israel, Middle East


At the crossroads of culture and conflict sits Israel. A country that evokes a different image from one traveller to the next. A holy land. A burgeoning foodie hotspot. A place and a people honouring the past while welcoming whatever the future brings.

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There’s so much to learn about its history and even more to learn about yourself when you open your mind to everything Israel has to offer. And we can do more than send you to the top 10 sites listed on every travel guide.

We can send you to Jerusalem with two locals, one Arab and one Jewish, to explore some of the holiest sites in the country through the eyes of multiple religions. We can connect you with a local family in Mount Zion for dinner and invite you to a cooking class with another family in Bethlehem.

Never will you feel alone on a solo tour of Israel, though the introvert need not feel pressured by meet and greets. You can get to know Tel Aviv by bicycle, riding through foodie hot spots and campuses of the latest tech startups. You can stay lost in thought while you climb the ancient fortress of Masada or cruise on a private boat down the Dead Sea.

Looking for more excitement? A tour of the Jaffa Flea Market and craft beer tasting in the Machane Yehuda Market will introduce you to the familiar and the new. Our small-group tours of Israel were designed for you to experience this amazing country from every angle.

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