The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia

Healthy vegetarian dish
Healthy vegetarian dish | © StockSnap / Pixabay
Classic Indonesian recipes remastered, Instagram-worthy salad bowls, and faux meat for when you just can’t resist. Here are the 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Jakarta.

Committing to a healthy diet isn’t the easiest thing to do, even more so in a cosmopolitan city like Jakarta where every taste indulged. But the Indonesian capital caters to health-conscious herbivores in a manner that not only keeps meat away, but also allows you a taste of local delicacies in a healthier fashion. Here’s Culture Trip’s recommendation of the 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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Burgreens serves classic burgers; plus the greens, minus the meat. Vegetarians missing this hearty treat can now enjoy it with gluten-free buns, organic veggies and a delicious mushroom or bean patty. There’s also the protein-packed naked “hot dog” with no questionable farm-to-table origins. Finish with a scoop of their raw, gluten-free vegan ice cream or cakes.

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Loving Hut

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All Loving Hut restaurants are strung together with a profound earth-loving philosophy. With over 200 stores in more than 24 countries, Indonesia is not excluded from this brand’s global zeal to switch the paradigm of eating. In Loving Hut Jakarta, classic Indonesian fare accompanies the widely available Asian and Western menu. Thanks to their hearty, vegetarian rendition of traditional food, you can keep the healthy diet commitments and not deprive yourself of Indonesia’s tasty Bali rice or soto.

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A hearty salad bowl | A hearty salad bowl

This Singaporean restaurant brand is one of the first and largest healthy food chains in Asia, branching out as far as Japan, Korea, even Spain. The wide selection of ingredients and toppings presents an opportunity to create personalised salads to suit your every taste, meat or no meat. Otherwise, settle for their tried-and-tested signature salads, like the vegan ‘Go Geisha’ or vegetarian ‘Iron “Wo” Man’. More than just a place to get your portion of greens, SaladStop! is at the head of global environmental and animal welfare movements.

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Namy House Vegetarian

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Vegetarian meal with rice | Vegetarian meal with rice

As a vegetarian, you may be missing out on many Indonesian meat-centric comfort foods. Fret no more, as Namy House Vegetarian has successfully recreated meat-free versions of Indonesia’s classics, down to the all-time favourite rendang. You can also skip the faux meat and go straight for the tempeh, tofu, and vegetables; don’t forget to switch to red rice for higher nutritional value.

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Waytuki Vegetarian

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Vegetarian Indian food | Vegetarian Indian food

Located in the legendary Pasar Baru neighbourhood, Waytuki caters to vegetarians craving Indian food. While the Indian cuisine is already veggie-generous in itself, this restaurant takes it up a notch with tasty faux meat and authentic recipes that even non-vegetarians applaud. Aside from the savoury curry and biryani dishes, Waytuki also serves non-Indian mains (also vegetarian-friendly).

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Dharma Kitchen

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Vegetarian satay Dharma Kitchen | © Dharma Kitchen

When you think about Chinese food, delicious (but calorie-loaded) pork dishes may come to mind. Say goodbye to that health vs taste dilemma, thanks to Dharma Kitchen and its commitment to creating better, healthier versions of various Asian recipes (and some Western ones, too). At a glance, the menu shows classic fare like Peking duck or Chinese dumplings, but the meat is replaced with mushrooms or other mixes. This restaurant was established more than two decades ago, giving it time to perfect every recipe.

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Fortunate Coffee

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Rice vegetarian dish | Rice vegetarian dish

Fortunately for vegetarians in Jakarta, abstaining from meat doesn’t mean forgoing local cuisine you know and love for some trendy Western salad bar. LN Fortunate Coffee recreates popular dishes such as pasta and the Chinese Hainan rice for the health-conscious, skipping on ingredients like MSG. This restaurant-slash-café offers a wide range of vegetarian light bites and desserts that go excellently with their soy-based lattes.

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The Betawi Salad

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Salad with tempeh | Salad with tempeh

Salad isn’t exactly a groundbreaking invention to hip vegetarians, but when a bowl of salad features local flavours it gets much more intriguing. Betawi Salad offers its traditional recipe-inspired Bali Salad, Satay Salad, and much more. Some of these signature salads may not be totally vegetarian, but you can ask to customise them or even make your own – choosing from the wide range of local ingredients and dressings.

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A fresh bowl of salad | A fresh bowl of salad

Fedwell provides healthy and nutritious food to anyone, from the most devout level of veganism, and even carnivores. All you have to do is choose one of their signature bowls according to your diet and taste, or conveniently make your own. ‘The Browser and The Grazer’ is a vegetarian favourite, consisting of a variety of superfoods inspired by recipes around the world. Even the bowl featuring rib eye steak is handled very sensibly, paired with quinoa brown rice, edamame, and other healthy ingredients.

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SNCTRY Health Bar

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Behind SNCTRY’s healthy bowls are organic local farmers and communities of creators passionate about providing wholesome, nutritious food for everyone. From the garden-fresh green fruits to house-made yogurt, only premium quality ingredients are selected to make their famed creations like the Mediterranean Salad, Tempe Burrito Wrap, or Coconut Breeze Bowl. Pair it with SNCTRY’s very own cold-pressed juice or smoothies.

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These recommendations were updated on September 3, 2018 to keep your travel plans fresh.