The 8 Best Vintage Clothing Stores in Jakarta

Vintage clothing store | © MichaelGaida/Pixabay
Vintage clothing store | © MichaelGaida/Pixabay
Photo of Edira Putri
10 August 2018

One dollar branded t-shirt, classic Adidas under a dusty pile, and expensive well-sought items sold within the hour, shopping for vintage clothing in Jakarta calls for specific trade and choice of place.

People love vintage fashion for all kinds of reasons. For some, the obsession comes from a profound earth-loving philosophy, while for others it’s simply the aesthetics. No matter your whys, shopping for vintage clothes in Jakarta is a remarkable experience in itself. Sometimes it’s a challenging hunt for timeless treasure in the most humble and unassuming places. Other times, it’s a pleasant and convenient shopping day out or browsing through online catalogues. From old traditional markets to hip, shiny concept stores, we bring you the best vintage clothing stores in Jakarta.

Senen Market

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Vintage fabrics | © DWilliams/Pixabay
The are hundreds of small shops inside the extensive area of Pasar Senen dedicated to selling vintage clothes. That makes this market the most notorious place in Jakarta to hunt for excellent vintage pieces. And by ‘hunt’ we mean sifting through piles of clothes to find some hidden treasures. Now, the typical traditional market shopping conditions may not be favourable by those who need air-cons to function, but anyone will light up at the sight of stylish oxford shirts and iconic polkadot flare dresses under the sign “Rp 20,000” (about $1.5). Sure you’ll need time and patience to literally dig in through the piles, but with the huge collections and your love for vintage fashion, you’ll make a day of it.

Metro Atom Plaza

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Metro Atom Plaza Pasar Baru | © Everyone Sinks Starco/Flickr
Located in the iconic Pasar Baru, this particular section sells a wide collection of vintage clothes sourced from across Asia. Unlike many other markets, Metro Atom Plaza has a pretty modern and neat setting with air-conditioning and an orderly layout. That makes this vintage clothing center popular even among local celebrities. Many of the clothes here are curated from the huge piles in Pasar Senen, selected according to a certain quality standard, washed clean, and basically brought back to life. You can also find imported cosmetics and beauty products here.

Cheap Thrills

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The name says it all: you don’t need a lot of money to bring home some good finds from this charming shop in Pasar Santa. Cheap Thrills puts together authentic, original, even rare pieces into its hand-picked collection. From band tour t-shirts to classic jerseys, even official merchandise from vintage shows and films, the selection sure brings back sweet memories. Some rare and well-sought after collections go fast, considering they also ship worldwide. So make sure you follow them on social media to be informed of ‘new’ arrivals.

Pasar Poncol

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Vintage jackets for sale | © rose_mcavoy/Flickr
This market in Jakarta is a renowned center for second-hand shops, from fashion to home appliances. Hidden within its small and unassuming corridors are treasures from the past like quirky accessories, old leather suitcases, and other fashion apparel. It takes patience to go through the racks and piles, but vendors at this market tend to keep their stuff neat and orderly, making the process more pleasant and easy. Beyond fashion, vintage lovers won’t be able to resist antiques like old cassettes, analog cameras and typewriters, among other nostalgic objects.

Traffic Room

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Traffic Rooms shop | © Traffic Rooms
The products from Traffic Room transcend the boundaries of trends, gender, and time. Their unisex t-shirts and accessories provide versatility in style for anyone who digs classic vintage designs. In terms of quality, Traffic Room employs a high standard, from the choice of materials to the process, resulting in pieces of clothing that are not only fashionable but also comfortable. All that is alluringly showcased in gorgeous little shops across Jakarta’s malls, and adorned with vintage decorations and design that amplify the lovely ambiance.

Blok M Square

Shopping Mall
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Blok M Square | © Everyone Sinks Starco/Flickr
Blok M Square is well-known in the city as a shopping centre that sells affordable goods. The place also has a little-known side as a home to some vintage clothing stores. Hidden in the basement, the Blok E part hides some vintage apparel shops selling mostly clothes but also records, cassettes and books.

Nostalgeeks And The Club

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This thrift store is located at Pasar Santa, but they also ship nationwide, in case you feel like browsing through their online catalog instead. However, if you have the time, pop by the charming concept store for a pleasant taste of nostalgia. Branded vintage clothes and apparels are to be expected in the collection, including the occasional classic sneakers and sportswear. Mostly selling menswear, the stocks for band and TV shirts as well as vintage summer shirts are endless.

Tarigan Collection

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Secondhand vintage clothes | © PurPura/Pixabay
Don’t let the humble setting fool you, tags like Adidas and Giorgio Armani are not very rare finds in this vintage shop. And normally you’d think twice before taking home fancy leather jackets or branded dresses, but at Tarigan’s prices it would be difficult to resist taking them all. The shop’s collections come directly from overseas as the owner fetches the bags of clothes from the Tanjung Priok port.

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