The 7 Best Hikes Around Bandung, Indonesia

Hiking in Bandung, Indonesia
Hiking in Bandung, Indonesia | © Chen Wu / Flickr
Photo of Edira Putri
26 June 2018

Bandung’s phenomenal natural features, cool temperature, and fresh breeze always call for outdoor explorations. The city’s stunning highlands and mountains offer gratifying adventures that will challenge the physique and refresh the mind and soul. From active volcanoes to serene forest park, discover the best hikes around Bandung, Indonesia.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Enjoying Bandung’s most popular volcano can be a hassle-free journey, thanks to the paved road that goes all the way near the crater. But if you want to make the most of your experience, hiking this active volcano can be a daring but rewarding adventure. The hiking trail to the top of Tangkuban Perahu starts from Jayagiri and takes less two hours. Trust us, the refreshing lush jungle and highlands view are sights you wouldn’t want to trade for convenience. Plus, the hike will reward you with a hot water spring to loosen those tense muscles.

Hiking Tangkuban Perahu | © siska maria eviline / Flickr

Djuanda Forest Park

Sprawling across 590 hectares, this conservation area covers everything from waterfalls to historic war sites. The most popular hiking trail inside this park stretches some 6 km from Dago Pakar to Maribaya, through hundreds of tree species and colonial war tunnels. The journey culminates at a stunning waterfall, where you can stop and enjoy the view for a while, accompanied by snacks and drinks sold by local vendors.

Deer farm in Djuanda Forest Park Bandung | © Adhietya Saputra / Flickr

Tebing Keraton

This wonderful cliff made its debut in social media only a few years ago and immediately went viral. It’s not hard to see why, once you’ve discovered this ridge sticking out over the lush jungle below, with silhouettes of nearby mountains in the horizon. You can reach this beautiful nook with a motorbike, but a hike will let you enjoy the beautiful view of hills, fields, and jungles all the way through. The trail is rocky and pretty steep but it takes less than an hour to reach the spot.

View at Tebing Keraton | © Agustinus Dimas / Flickr

Mount Batu

At 1,228 m (4,000 ft), this mountain is just the right height for a convenient short hike and sweeping view of the city. And in Bandung ‘city view’ means both the charming town below and the mountains that surround it – Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Mount Burangrang, and Mount Malabar among several others. The mountain itself is formed from rocks, thus the name ‘rock mountain’. That means real daredevils can take it up a notch and go rappelling or rock climbing on its sides. If you chose to set camp on its rocky peak, don’t forget to wake up in time for the glorious sunrise.

Mount Gede Pangrango National Park

This national park covers two magnificent peaks from Mount Gede at 2,958 m (9,700 ft) and Mount Pangrango at 3,019 m (9,898 ft). If you’re up to the challenge, hiking one of the mountains is a journey worth taking, with majestic sunrise, thriving wildlife and city view from the summit. But worry not, it doesn’t take that much to enjoy some of the national park’s best features. The Cibeureum waterfall is less than an hour’s hike away, and the translucent lake of Telaga Biru is even nearer in the same direction.

Cibeureum waterfall in Mount Gede Pangrango National Park Bandung | © wildbindi / Flickr

Mount Papandayan

Mount Papandayan is one of the most popular hiking spots in West Java, especially for beginners. Located in Garut Regency, south from Bandung, Mount Papandayan doesn’t demand much from hikers – just decent stamina will do, as no other hiking skills are needed. The track is relatively easy, and there are clear signs to guide you through the hiking trail. Mount Papandayan is also a very active volcano, so the crater and steam vents are truly mesmerising to see. The hike will also take you through different landscapes, from fields to rocky trails, lush jungles to vast meadows.

Mount Papandayan | © Kenny Buntara / Flickr

Mount Puntang

The mystical stories surrounding this mountain are almost as enticing as its distinguished natural beauty. With towering evergreen trees all the way, gushing rivers, and waterfall near the summit, Mount Puntang offers different kinds of charms that will keep the hike interesting. On the historical / supernatural side, legends circulate among locals about the place’s connections with the legendary shamanistic king of Sunda from the 15th century. The hike will also take you through a complex of colonial buildings.

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