The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia

Vegan healthy bowl
Vegan healthy bowl | © TesaPhotography / Pixabay
Photo of Edira Putri
22 October 2018

From plant-based pizza to dairy-free desserts, these best vegan restaurants in Jakarta offer palatable dishes you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy.

Committing to a healthy diet isn’t the easiest thing to do, even more so in a cosmopolitan city like Jakarta where every meat-based, sugary and additive-loving taste is indulged. In Jakarta, embracing a vegan diet has more rewards than drawbacks, with passionate restaurants across the city bringing you appetising and fulfilling meals. Here’s Culture Trip’s list of the best 10 vegan restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Fortunate Coffee

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Rice vegetarian dish | © Einladung_zum_Essen / Pixabay

Fortunately for vegetarians in Jakarta, abstaining from meat doesn’t mean forgoing local cuisine you know and love for some trendy Western salad bar. LN Fortunate Coffee recreates popular dishes such as pasta and the Chinese Hainan rice for the health-conscious, skipping on ingredients like MSG (Monosodium glutamate). This restaurant-slash-café offers a wide range of vegetarian light bites and desserts that go excellently with their soy-based lattes.


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Nasi goreng | © Fuzz / Pixabay

This restaurant has an outstanding meat-free take on Indonesian and Asian delicacies, from savoury nasi goreng to spicy tom yum. Most dishes are vegan-friendly, although some items on the menu come with an option to add egg – but nothing more carnivorous than that can be found here. They also have daily specials, so feel free to come back and try more of their healthy creations.

Rumah Juliet

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Tasty vegan cakes can be found at Rumah Juliet
Tasty vegan cakes can be found at Rumah Juliet | © lauracuriacu / Pixabay

This dessert house is popular beyond health-conscious herbivores. The owner substitutes dairy products with mashed banana or apple, making Rumah Juliet’s cakes impressively delicious. Everything in the pastry window is a feast for the eyes, with colourful vegan icing and fruit gracing cupcakes, doughnuts and slices of vegan cake. Rumah Juliet also serves several main courses with vegan ingredients.

iVegan Pizza

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Vegan pizza | © iVegan Pizza

Abstaining from meat-derived products often means abstaining from pizza (or always settling down for the only meat-and-cheese-free variant in the menu). Consider yourself lucky – this restaurant brings a wide selection of vegan-vegetarian ingredients on top of delicious, succulent pizza. The recipe uses soy cheese and faux meat as healthier alternatives to accompany mushrooms and veggies.


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Dragon bowl by Berrywell | © Berrywell

If smoothie bowls are a vegan’s best friend, Berrywell is the playground. The restaurant creates tasty signature bowls with fruits, vegetables and grains, drenched in coconut water or multigrain milk. You can also create your own bowl to fit your taste and grab a cold-pressed juice to boost the day or cure your hangover (in which case go for their famed Hangover Remedy).


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burgreens pacific place
Burgreens Pacific Place | © Burgreens

Burgreens serves classic burgers; plus the greens, minus the meat. Vegetarians missing this hearty treat can now enjoy it with gluten-free buns, organic veggies and a delicious mushroom or bean patty. There’s also the protein-packed naked ‘hot dog’ with no questionable farm-to-table origins. Finish with a scoop of their raw, gluten-free vegan ice cream or cakes.

Nalu Bowls

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Healthy bowl by Nalu Bowls | © Nalu Bowls

Nalu Bowls first made waves in Bali as a vegan haven, frequented by active, health-conscious travellers. The Jakarta branch retains the brand’s island vibe in the middle of the city, making it a popular spot to take a break and enjoy some healthy pick-me-up treats. Locally sourced tropical fruits, a variety of superfoods, and homemade granola create a colourful and highly nutritious meal that will provide your fuel for the city’s daily hustle and bustle.

Loving Hut

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Loving Hut vegetarian dish | © Jeff Gunn / Flickr

All Loving Hut restaurants are strung together with a profound earth-loving philosophy. With over 200 stores in more than 24 countries, Indonesia is not excluded from this brand’s global zeal to switch the paradigm of eating. In Loving Hut Jakarta, classic Indonesian fare accompanies the widely available Asian and Western menu. Thanks to their hearty, vegetarian rendition of traditional food, you can keep the healthy diet commitments and not deprive yourself of Indonesia’s tasty Bali rice or soto.


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A fresh bowl of salad | © Free-Photos / Pixabay

Fedwell provides healthy and nutritious food to anyone, from the most devout level of veganism, and even to carnivores. All you have to do is choose one of their signature bowls according to your diet and taste, or conveniently make your own. ‘The Browser and The Grazer’ is a vegetarian favourite, consisting of a variety of superfoods inspired by recipes around the world. Even the bowl featuring rib eye steak is handled very sensibly, paired with quinoa brown rice, edamame, and other healthy ingredients.

Beets and Bouts

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Smoothies bowl by Beets and Bouts | © Beets and Bouts

The first thing you’ll notice about this restaurant’s healthy meals are their ingenious presentation. Smoothie bowls are crafted very thoughtfully, giving you maximum nourishment and colourful, appetising appearance. Beets and Bouts also concerns itself with quality, using only fresh, in-season fruits. Other than smoothie bowls, they also have vegan main courses and light bites.

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