The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Lombok, Indonesia

There are plenty of cafés and coffee shops in Lombok
There are plenty of cafés and coffee shops in Lombok | © Jonathan McIntosh / WikiCommons
Photo of Edira Putri
12 November 2018

As an exotic Indonesian island that has welcomed an increasing number of tourists over the years, Lombok’s coffee culture is a delicious mix of local creations and impressive takes on Western teatime delights.

Often found on beaches and at tourist spots, coffee shops are a fixture in Lombok’s travel scene. Tourists will find them lining the main coasts, serving anything from thick black Lombok coffee to surprisingly authentic Italian espresso, alongside hearty smoothie bowls and Western pastries. Discover the best coffee shops in Lombok, Indonesia to pop into in-between island adventures.

Kenza Café

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Kenza Lombok is a quaint coffee shop by the beach | © Kenza Lombok

Whether you’re turning in for morning coffee or a pick-me-up post-surfing, Kenza Café offers a caffeine fix in a charming beachside setting. Its elegant white and turquoise building, boho-feels and earthy interior details will make you think of Santorini, but with a tropical vibe. The shop has anything from Western breakfasts to traditional nasi goreng (Indonesian stir-fried rice), with ample vegan-friendly dishes on the menu.

Milk Espresso

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Digital nomads and surfers will enjoy Milk Espresso's atmosphere | © Milk Espresso

Many travellers swear Milk Espresso’s coffee is some of the island’s best, be it the frothy cappuccino or perfect flat white. This place serves a scrumptious breakfast and brunch menu, with plenty of options for kids and vegans. The space oozes island vibes, with rustic yet modern tropical decor—versatile enough to be loved by digital nomads and surfers alike.

Rock Gilis Coffee

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Rock Gilis Coffee provides caffeine, along with small dishes | © Rock Gilis Coffee

This coffee shop serves many diverse coffee-based drinks, such as the kicky Irish Latte Brûlée, spiced chai latte and a selection of frappés. Even a simple espresso is prepared with a laser-focused precision that impresses the most hardcore coffee-lovers. Rock Gilis Coffee serves some delicious light bites and pizza—but you’re also welcome to order authentic Bosnian food from the restaurant next door, managed by the same owner.

Maktal Coffee Bar

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Taste cold brew banana coffee at the Maktal Coffee Bar | © Maktal Coffee Bar

Known for satisfying even the most knowledgeable coffee enthusiasts, quality is what sets this coffee shop apart from the others. Maktal Coffee Bar serves both local blends and imported beans, brewed to perfection. Although serious about its coffee, this café also has a whimsical side—serving ingenious creations like the fresh, cold brew banana coffee.

El Bazar

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El Bazar courtyard seating area | © El Bazar

The marriage of tropical vibes and Mediterranean decor makes this café a charming space to relax. Station yourself at one of the Instagrammable nooks, and enjoy the sunlight while sipping your coffee with a hearty Western breakfast. El Bazar also serves nutritious smoothie bowls and authentic Moroccan delights—its tagines, or North African stews, are to die for.


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Loka Lombok is a colourful space | © Loka Lombok

Loka’s special breakfast combo, a colourful fruity bowl plus a cup of joe, will fuel you for a day of adventure in Lombok. Tourists are especially eager to try the fresh banana coffee. The space is a pick-me-up in itself, with vibrant murals and bright beanbags creating a relaxing tropical garden atmosphere.

Shake and Bake

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Iced coffee in the afternoon tropical heat is always a good idea, especially when paired with homemade pastries. Shake and Bake sits just a few convenient steps away from the beach, in a rustic shack with views of the rolling waves. This café also has a skatepark and outdoor seating area on the sand where you can enjoy the island’s growing extreme sports scene.

Yogi Bar

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Yogi Bar is mainly known for serving healthy food, ranging from French salads to vegan nasi campur (a plate of rice with curries and side dishes). Besides that, this place also serves energising coffee. You can find Italian espresso and the aromatic local Lombok coffee on the menu. Everything is served in a verdant space that calms the senses and provides a break from the scorching tropical sun outside.

Le Too Much

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Find European treats at Le Too Much | © Le Too Much

This café brings Europe to Lombok with treats such as French pastries and Italian gelato and coffee. The place itself is a sweet combination of a tropical bamboo hut with an elegant European-style interior. It is also a wonderful place to have a big meal, best accompanied by imported wine.

Temptations Bakery and Café

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This coffee shop is a favourite with foreign tourists for its take on coffee and freshly baked bread. On top of that, Temptations Bakery and Café also doubles as a grocery shop with a wide selection of healthy food from brands you trust. The place gets packed around breakfast, as tourists are coming in for the eggs benedict and avocado toast.