The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Jakarta

Usus Goreng| © Eliza Adam/Flickr
Usus Goreng| © Eliza Adam/Flickr
Jakarta is a thriving metropolis and an increasingly popular destination that boasts a rich ethnic heritage. From budget treats to extravagant spreads, Jakarta is the perfect place to taste Indonesian delicacies. Here are the best restaurants in Jakarta to go for breakfast or brunch.
Kepiting Soka Photo Courtesy Dapur Babah

Dapur Babah Elite

Restaurant, Chinese, Indonesian, $$$
Dapur Babah Elite, Jakarta
Dapur Babah Elite, Jakarta | © Lara Djonggrang
The large wooden doors of Dapur Babah Elite invite visitors to an age-old restaurant, family run restaurant, in one of the most popular parts of Jakarta. This restaurant which is nestled in a semi rundown shop features a large dining room that is decorated with Peranakam charms and regal antiques. The red, blue and orange décor gives the place a traditional look, and the expanse of the courtyard and the spacious dining tables make it quite pleasing to the eye. They specialize in Indonesian cuisine, with signature dishes like the Gurame Goreng that you can enjoy for brunch.
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Bandar Djakarta

Restaurant, Seafood, $$$
Roasted Seabass in Tomato Sauce
Roasted Seabass in Tomato Sauce | © Prawee Nonthapun/Flickr
An ideal seafood restaurant to visit in Jakarta is Bandar Djakarta, it’s one of the best in the city, offering the freshest catch of the day. Packed with a rich assortment of seafood delicacies, whether you’re grabbing a mouthful of crispy fried prawns or enjoying clams drenched with herbs, this restaurant won’t disappoint you. In fact, visitors usually have to wait in a long queue, but the wait is worth it.
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Restaurant, French, Asian
Tam mu yo, Indonesia
Tam mu yo, Indonesia | © Takeaway/WikiCommons
This innovative fusion restaurant combines French and Asian cuisine to create a luxurious spread of dishes. The multi-cuisine experience at Orient8 gives you a peek inside Asian culinary traditions. The restaurant is located within Hotel Mulia Senayan, with a brightly lit corridor and a classic décor. The restaurant has a colonial touch, featuring an artsy gallery and a light breakfast menu
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Potato Head Garage

Bar, Restaurant, Steakhouse, 0
This restaurant offers an innovative take on a typical steakhouse, and is a place where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast filled with laughter and fun. The huge warehouse styled venue is known for its eccentric décor, featuring a classical piano and a chapel located next to the bar. Serving signature dishes like the Wagyu Strip Loin and the local favourite, Black Angus, Potato Head Garage is a meat lover’s heaven with quality cuts of tender beef that you can enjoy for a wholesome brunch.
Looks like it's closed Hours or services may be impacted due to Covid-19
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Harum Manis

Restaurant, Indonesian, Vegetarian, $$$
Bubur ayam, Jakarta
Bubur ayam, Jakarta | © Sakurai Midori/WikiCommons
Harum Manis offers a rich variety of Indonesian flavors in elegantly styled dishes. You can order wholesome platters for breakfast like the Bubur ayam (slow cooked chicken porridge) or savor a vegetarian delight like Ketoprak Batavia (glass noodles with roasted peanuts). The restaurant is popular for its Sunday brunch and is mostly visited by business professionals who host a number of corporate events within the halls of this vibrant establishment. Harum Manis also organizes a range of cultural activities,
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Edogin Japanese Restaurant

Restaurant, Japanese
Japanese Buffet, Brunch
Japanese Buffet, Brunch | © sharonang/Pixabay
Edogin is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. Situated within the Muliya Senayan Hotel, Edogin is a five-star establishment that offers a sophisticated breakfast menu and a warm ambiance. From sumptuous sushi rolls to a Teppanyaki buffet, the restaurant is a popular dining venue among corporate professionals and families. You can enjoy a cup of hot sake or try a local wine.
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Restaurant, European, $$$
This casual joint offers warm hospitality, elegant indoor décor and a Western-Asian menu, making it a great place for enjoying a laid back breakfast. Bistronomy is famous for serving a unique collection of high teas. It’s vintage style interiors are enhanced with diamond studded chandeliers, and there’s also a spacious patio. While most people visit this restaurant for its Sunday brunch, you can always enjoy a plateful of their signature dish, Lamb chops with honey mustard sauce, for a wholesome meal.
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Restaurant, Turkish, $$$
Turkish Circassian Chicken
Turkish Circassian Chicken | © jeffreyw/Flickr
Turkuaz is an elegant restaurant, offering a cozy atmosphere and an eye-catching menu. Black and white portraits depict Turkish culture and architecture, and a charming chandelier sits at the center. Although the restaurant can’t accommodate more than 40 people, it features a private floor and a comfortable lounge. From the open kitchen the chefs create a medley of innovative dishes like Pistachio cheese pastries and delicious mains such as the Yalia kebab lamb served with a fresh, creamy sauce and mashed potatoes.
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Legend of Noodle

Restaurant, Fast Food, Korean, Indonesian, Seafood, $$$
Noodles and Wanton
Noodles and Wanton | © cegoh/Pixabay
Legend of Noodle is a simple and relaxed restaurant that serves fast food options in its home like atmosphere. It is a casual dining spot offering authentic Korean cuisine that you can enjoy for a late breakfast, featuring a unique variety of noodle based dishes. Try a popular homemade dish like Jajang Myeon, which consists of noodles with black bean sauce, chunks of caramelized onion and pork. Another good option is the Haemul Sujaebi, a spicy noodle dish served with hot broth and fresh seafood.
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Omah Sendok

Restaurant, Indonesian, Dessert, Asian, Vegetarian, $$$
Soto Banjar
Soto Banjar | © Gunawan Kartapranata/WikiCommons
Omah Sendok serves traditional Javanese cuisine. Each dish is a creative blend of Indonesian spices and fresh, organic vegetables. Featuring an indoor room and a spacious outdoor area, the restaurant is the perfect getaway from the hectic city life. The Kue Pancong, one of the signature dishes, is a street style mix worth trying, while the Iga bakar kuah soto tangkar (spare ribs drenched in coconut soup) is a delightful filler. You can also try a bowl of Sop buntut or oxtail soup, a rare delicacy that you can enjoy for brunch.
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