The Best Hotels in Flores, Indonesia

It doesn’t get more peaceful than a stay at Villa Domanik
It doesn’t get more peaceful than a stay at Villa Domanik | Courtesy of Villa Domanik /
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6 January 2021

Once-in-a-lifetime adventures await in Flores – so you may as well complement them with a stay at an unforgettable hotel.

One of the most remote and alluring islands in Indonesia’s archipelago, Flores is a thrillseeker’s paradise. Home to rugged, volcanic landscapes, pink-sand beaches and world-class diving, it’s also known as the gateway to Komodo National Park and the curious Komodo dragons. There’s no shortage of incredible places to stay either – read on for our pick of uber-luxurious resorts, boutique hotels and homely hostels.

AYANA Komodo Resort

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Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Labuan Bajo, Waecicu Beach
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AYANA Komodo Resort is the first and only five-star resort on Flores Island’s breathtaking Waecicu Beach. Every inch of it makes the most of the dramatic scenery, from the stunning clifftop Kisik Grill to the glamorous rooftop bar. And, of course, each of the hotel’s 13 suites and 192 guest rooms comes with an ocean view so that you can soak up the stunning sunsets melting slowly behind the distinctive silhouette of Kukusan Island.

Bayview Gardens Hotel

Boutique Hotel
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Bayview Gardens Hotel, Indonesia
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The 19-room boutique Bayview Gardens Hotel is all about the island views, which come aplenty thanks to its picturesque hillside location near the popular fishing town of Labuan Bajo on the island’s western tip. All rooms come with a private terrace that backs onto a lush tropical garden – the perfect spot to have your complimentary breakfast while soaking in the views of the Flores Sea.

Le Pirate Island

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Le Pirate Island, Indonesia
Courtesy of Le Pirate Island / Expedia

Want to thoroughly detox from technology and escape to a remote island for some serious R&R? Le Pirate Island sits one hour from the heart of Labuan Bajo, allowing you to spend the day or night as a pirate in a private beach hut overlooking the turquoise water. In true castaway style, facilities are basic, so don’t expect reliable wifi. However, with the plethora of activities on offer, including canoeing and volleyball, you’ll have all the entertainment you need without ever having to worry about bandwidth.

Plataran Komodo Resort and Spa

Resort, Spa Hotel
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Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa, Indonesia
Courtesy of Plataran Komodo Resort and Spa / Expedia

In a secluded cove, Plataran Komodo Resort and Spa is the sort of place that might feature on a poster proudly displayed in the local tourist office. It boasts nine styles of private villas, including the tree-hidden Deluxe Garden Villas – just steps away from the stunning Waecicu Beach – and the brand new, ultra-luxurious Hanging Pool Villas, which come with a private infinity pool. If you can pry yourself away from this Indonesian Shangri-La, world-class diving and an array of other water-based adventures await you.

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  • Sudamala Resort

    Resort, Luxury
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    Sudamala Resort, Indonesia
    Courtesy of Sudamala Resort / Expedia

    If you’re after laid-back luxury, you’ll find it in spades at the eco-friendly Sudamala Resort on the small, unspoiled island of Seraya – a 45-minute boat ride from Labuan Bajo in Komodo. Think fine white sand, secluded bungalows with alang-alang thatched roofs and water hiding fish-teeming tropical reefs. After exploring the island by day, you can watch the sky transform into a magical pastel-hued canvas with a cocktail in hand, mixed at the resort’s private beach bar.

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    Seaesta Komodo Hostel and Hotel

    Hostel, Hotel
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    Seaesta Komodo Hostel & Hotel, Indonesia
    Courtesy of Seaesta Komodo Hostel and Hotel / Expedia

    Seaesta Komodo Hostel and Hotel is a boutique accommodation without the price tag, making it a solid option for divers, backpackers and travellers looking for a prime location in Labuan Bajo. The highlight has to be the third-story rooftop restaurant and lagoon-style pool, with panoramic views of the Flores Sea and the Komodo National Park beyond.

    Puri Sari Beach Hotel

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    Puri Sari Beach Hotel, Indonesia
    Courtesy of Puri Sari Beach Hotel / Expedia

    A peaceful beach resort, Puri Sari Beach Hotel sits on a 350m (1,148ft) stretch of Pede Beach on the fringes of Labuan Bajo. The hotel was designed in harmony with the natural environment, blending modern amenities with traditional architectural elements. All 21 rooms come with breakfast included and a sea view you’ll never tire of waking up to.

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    Angel Island Eco Resort

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    Angel Island Resort, Indonesia
    Courtesy of Angel Island Eco Resort /

    Surrounded by gardens of vibrant hibiscus flowers, Angel Island Eco Resort is not only impressive for its scenery but also its philosophy. The private island resort aims to offer luxury accommodation that benefits the local community and keeps the environment, both on land and below the ocean surface, pristine and protected. The cosy, handcrafted cottages are completely nestled in nature but come equipped with modern conveniences such as private open-air bathrooms and pod-style espresso coffee machines for morning pick-me-ups.

    Villa Domanik

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    Villa Domanik, Indonesia
    Courtesy of Villa Domanik /

    A peaceful and authentic experience is virtually guaranteed at the French-Indonesian run Villa Domanik, on a mountaintop close to Labuan Bajo. Start your day with a dip in the infinity pool – the view of the Flores Sea and the mountains beyond is spectacular – before drying off on your bungalow terrace, built with locally sourced wood in the traditional Indonesian style.

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