Eat High in the Sky at This Restaurant Inside a Plane

The days of airline peanuts and pre-made boxed meals are a thing of the past thanks to Keramas Aero Park — a refurbished airplane that’s been converted into a restaurant.

Located in Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia, Keramas Aero Park sits high off the ground so guests get a bird’s-eye view of nearby beaches and rice paddies while eating lunch or dinner. Just make sure to have the window shades pulled up.

Patrons can request access to the wing for photo opps © Michael LoRé/Culture Trip

The restaurant, which also features outdoor dining options, seating in a traditional Javanese joglo, a bar, and a helipad that serves as a stage for live music, is highlighted by a decommissioned Boeing 737-400 Series airplane purchased from Juanda International Airport. The plane, which weighs 33 tons and has a capacity of approximately 200 “passengers”, had to be cut into three pieces in order to be transported from the airport in Java to its current location. Following some refurbishing and painting, Keramas Aero Park opened in October 2016.

After receiving a “boarding pass”, ascend the staircase to the fuselage and be escorted to your table — no need to worry about a lack of leg room on this plane.

Patrons can take photos in the cockpit © Michael LoRé/Culture Trip

When you’re done with your meal, you can take photos in the cockpit or step out onto the plane’s wing (by request) for another photo opportunity.