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Bali Beach | © mainur risyada / Flickr
Bali Beach | © mainur risyada / Flickr
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Bali Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Picture of Edira Putri
Updated: 13 March 2017
As much as it is the Island of Gods, Bali is also the land of the creatives. Luckily in this digital age, creativity often translates into awesome Instagram feeds detailing the fascinating lives of wonderful people (hint: there are many of these in Bali). Here’s Culture Trip’s list of the most captivating Bali Instagrammers.

Noni Janur, @nonijanur

Nothing screams island life more than an Instagram feed saturated with gorgeous bikinis and beachwear. In that case, who’s better to follow than the swimwear designer herself? Noni Janur, @nonijanur, who is also a star of The Bachelor, is a part-time Balinese dedicating half of her awesome life to her Bali-based swimwear collection, Balini. Noni is eager to share her vibrant beach life, stunning swimwear products, and her own bikini bod while she has fun from Bali to Sydney and back again.

More adventures like this please 🙋🏽🙌🏽 Cliff jump at Blue Lagoon, Nusa Ceningan 🌴

A post shared by Noni Janur 🌹 (@nonijanur) on

Mega Semadhi, @sambalmatah

Mega Semadhi is the island’s own pro surfer with international acclaims. In 2016, the Balinese surfer won the Rip Curl Cup, which was his second win. Also appointed as the high priest of the Uluwatu temple, the man’s life is anything but ordinary. Followers can expect surfing action shots as well as pictures of his religious routines and ceremonies. In case you’re wondering, his handle @sambalmatah means Balinese hot sauce, proving Mega’s love for his culture.

Moana 📷 @petefrieden #MenjadiYangTerbaik

A post shared by Mega Semadhi (@sambalmatah) on

Janet de Neefe, @janetdeneefe

Janet is the owner of Casa Luna and Indus restaurants, and also a proud neutralized Balinese. She married a Balinese man and moved from Melbourne to the Island of Gods for good. Bali’s culinary and literary scene will always owe Janet for her spirit and creativity, as she’s the one who first created the International Ubud Writers & Readers Festival in 2004. The festival, which has drawn many prominent writers from around the globe, is still celebrated annually. Her Instagram feed, @janetdeneefe, allows followers to take a peek at her inspiring life as a restaurant owner, cooking teacher, chef, and writer.

Kadek Artayasa, @kadek_artayasa

As a professional wedding photographer for the renowned Diktat Photography, Kadek Artayasa, @kadek_artayasa, posts pictures of romantic moments with Bali’s best spots providing the background – his personal online portfolio, if you will. From a beachside elopement to a rustic wedding, a rice field engagement shot to a glamorous indoor wedding ceremony, his photos are drop-dead gorgeous. Locals and foreigners alike, from clients to Instagram followers, love this photographer.

Elaine + Glenn wedding up on Blog. Follow link on bio to see the story 🍃

A post shared by Kadek Artayasa (@kadek_artayasa) on

Ni Made Murni, @murnimade

Murni is a yoga practitioner and teacher with The Yoga Barn, one of the best yoga studios in Bali. She’s also a humanitarian, volunteering her time at a youth-targeted outreach program focusing on HIV education. The former full-time administrator and graphic designer is now dedicating more time to delve more into the practice of yoga, so elegant yoga poses with breathtaking Bali backgrounds is to be expected from her posts. Murni’s Instagram feed, @murnimade, allows us to follow her inspiring life on the yoga mat and beyond.

TouTou and NaiCha, @drool.monsters

TouTou and NaiCha, @drool.monsters, seem to be having fun more than anyone else in Bali, with their occasional trips to the beach and endless playful days. Oh, did you know that they are two cute dogs? TouTou is a mixed breed, part Golden Retriever and Bali’s breed, Kintamani, while NaiCha is a beagle. Their human and 3,500+ followers love these two happy dogs, but their love is reserved for tasty treats and long strolls under the sun.

✨ There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights ✨ – Bram Stroker #whpfamilypet

A post shared by TouTou (豆豆) & NaiCha (奶茶) (@drool.monsters) on

Natasha Serezhnikova, @natashechka_s

Natasha, @natashechka_s, is a fashion photographer originally from Russia. She fell in love with Bali and can’t seem to fall out of love with it. The marketing manager-turned-photographer admitted that her life changed completely since the moment she landed in Bali. As if awakening her creative power, Natasha now shares her chic and sexy style that resonates perfectly with Bali’s island vibe. Taking full advantage of her new home, Natasha’s pictures often feature Bali’s best beaches and views.

I Made Ardika, @madeardika

No one is better at capturing and telling visual stories about the majestic Bali island than its local people. From breathtaking scenery to intimate shots of cultural ceremonies and performances, I Made Ardika’s Instagram feed, @madeardika, is like an insider’s guide to the island’s lifestyle and culture. Being a photographer, his posts feel like you are flipping through a travel magazine.

Pris and Eve, @welikebali

Although the pair is only half-Indonesian (and half-Dutch), their love of the country, especially the island of Bali, is depicted throughout their Instagram feed (@welikebali) and blog, We Like Bali. Pris and Eve know full well how to rock their island life, from the beach to resorts and restaurants, as they live a holistic island lifestyle, from surfing and sipping cold drinks to chilling by the beach. Their positive young vibe is as strong as their island life energy, embellished with style and fashion.