The Most Famous Street Artists From Bali You Should Know

Street art by Doby | © Courtesy of Doby
Street art by Doby | © Courtesy of Doby
Bali, the island of gods, is also populated with creative people who bless the place with their wonderful creations, turning even the most plain walls into works of art everyone can appreciate. Discover the most famous street artists living and working in Bali.


Combining his graffiti skills with stencil art, Quint is one of the most cherished street artists in Indonesia. Originally from Jakarta, he relocated to the vibrant artsy island of Bali where he graces rustic concrete walls with badass feminine figures alongside his cursive red signature. Quint’s street art can be seen mostly in Bali’s popular spots such as Canggu, Kuta, and Seminyak, but also in Jakarta, Tokyo in Japan, and even Berlin.


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Doby’s works are deeply rooted in his concern about local issues, from tourism to environment and economy. He is known for adorning the streets of Bali with a depiction of Balinese men wearing traditional headcarves called udeng, with the phrase “local must be hero” — encouraging locals to be proud of their culture. With his artworks, he advocates against the exploitation of nature and his art can be seen in many parts of Bali, as well as other cities in southeast Asia.

Street art by Doby © Courtesy of Doby

Ricky Afdi

In his own words, Ricky Afdi believes that his work “explores problems facing contemporary Indonesian society, in particular youth subculture.” Being a part of that society himself, Afdi often depicts everyday experiences, and uses stories of his own friends as inspiration. Extending his love for art from the streets to wearable designs, Afdi has also created a clothing brand called MaryJane Culture. This popular artist is known for his poignant, thought-provoking illustrations decorated with vibrant colours and delicate details.


Sleeck started out as a tattoo artist in East Java, then migrated to Bali; a move that has contributed well in his personal and artistic development. He is now one of Bali’s most prominent international mural artists, who also works at a graffiti shop and gallery in Canggu, the island’s contemporary arts hub. As an artist, he has a keen attention to detail, which characterises his exuberant work; adopting a contemporary style with traditional Eastern flair.


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This Balinese graffiti and mural artist admits that he has no particular style in creating art. For him, every single artistic work is different in its idea and inspiration, and it’s okay to just follow your heart and let your hands create. For the same reason, Cube doesn’t have a favourite work – but a few that stand out are the Audrey Hepburn figure mural in a nail salon, the whimsical space-inspired work at a boutique hotel, and the vibrant graffiti he sketches on the plain walls at Canggu.


Staying true to his value and mission, Slinat uses his skills and creativity to provoke awareness among the Balinese. His stage name means “silly in art”, a sentiment reflected through his whimsical, but sharp, public works. His signature graffiti features Balinese women, clothed in traditional attire and wearing a gas mask — a symbol of Bali’s commercialism that Slinat feels has cost the local community their authentic culture and heritage.

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The impressive works of Dnztwo often feature animal figures, human faces, or anatomical details. He can create realistic portraits of beautiful faces as well as illustrative imaginative works enhanced with vibrant colours and decorative details, many of which are embellished with Balinese visual elements. In 2016, his spectacular works captured the public attention in an exhibition he shared with his artist friends at Kampus New Media in Bali. He has also collaborated with many local brands, putting his iconic creations into authentic products.

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