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Suramadu Bridge, Surabaya, Indonesia | © farisshidqi / Pixabay
Suramadu Bridge, Surabaya, Indonesia | © farisshidqi / Pixabay

5 Amazing Beaches Within Reach of Surabaya, Indonesia

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Updated: 31 December 2017

Being the second biggest metropolitan of Indonesia, Surabaya’s natural and cultural richness is often overlooked for trades and business opportunities. Get ready to embrace the whole package with these amazing beaches within reach of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Ria Kenjeran Beach

Ria Kenjeran is Surabaya’s own beach located about half-an-hour drive away from the city centre. A popular and convenient tropical getaway from the urban area, this beach is well-developed with various entertainment, rides, facilities, and accommodation. But even without all that, Ria Kenjeran Beach boasts one of the best ocean views, with the beaming Suramadu Bridge on one side and the open sea lined with fishermen’s boats on the other.

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Ria Beach Kenjeran, Sukolilo Baru, Surabaya City, East Java, Indonesia

Bentar Beach

This beach is distinguishable by the iconic wooden deck that stretches out to the sea, boasting a sweeping horizon view while being brushed up by the ocean breeze. The coastal area also offers kids’ rides and activities, such as water sports, a ferris wheel, and a beach miniature locomotive. You can also find a lush mangrove forest nearby, which offers an equally stunning and calming sight to behold from the deck.

Pantai Bentar Probolinggo, Jawa Timur Mencoba untuk melihat sisi lain dari Probolinggo. Ternyata gak cuman ada Bromo tapi masih banyak yang bisa kita explore. Salah satunya adalah Pantai Bentar. #ayodolan kesini, pantainya bagus, ada jembatan kayu yang dibangun di atas air laut sepanjang 50 meter. Bisa sambil duduk santai juga dan foto-foto 😀 . Anyway tujuan aku awalnya ke Pantai ini adalah pengen liat whale sharks! Setelah baca2 ternyata di Indonesia swimming with whale sharks gak cuman bisa kita lakuin di Raja Ampat dan Kalimantan aja, ternyata di Pantai Bentar Ini bisa juga loh! Hanya saja untuk berenang with whale sharks di Pantai Bentar gak tentu waktunya 🙁 belum jodoh kali Ini! Katanya sih bulan Maret Ini bisa. Bagi yang mau cobain bisa langsung datang bulan Maret. Siapa tau beruntung 😍 . Foto dolan dari @tanyabaracchi #ayodolanprobolinggo #pantaibentar #probolinggo

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Bentar Beach Tourism, Curahsawo, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia

Delegan Beach

Delegan Beach is known and prized for the stunning white sands and quiet waves that make it an excellent place to chill under a palm tree, dip your toes at the smooth powdery sands, feel the ocean breeze, and simply enjoy the coastal beauty. Idyllic as it is, the beach is far from sleepy. Even for more active travellers, the beach serves as an ideal spot to swim, fly a kite, or try your luck at fishing.

Delegan Beach, Campurejo, Gresik Regency, East Java, Indonesia

Boom Tuban Beach

This popular beach destination in Tuban, East Java, was once an important port and transit for traders during the time of ancient Indonesian kingdoms. Now, the coastline and its artificial peninsula is lined with fishermen’s boats and gazebos, a representation of both the beach’s dynamic and relaxing attributes. Tourists can go fishing or ride around with the fishermen’s boats, or unwind and enjoy the panoramic beach scene.

Pantai Boom Tuban, Kutorejo, Tuban, East Java, Indonesia

Nepa Beach

Thanks to the Suramadu Bridge that connects Surabaya with Madura Island, many of the island’s magnificent beaches has now become much more accessible to tourists and urban-dwellers of Surabaya. Nepa Beach is one of the most stunning and nearest beaches from Surabaya, with staggering yellow-ish white sands and an extensive coastline less than 3 hours drive from the city. Nearby is the forest that is also the habitat for monkeys and other wildlife.

Pantai Nepa Sampang Madura, Gunung Sekar, Sampang Regency, East Java, Indonesia