15 Breathtaking Photos of Raja Ampat, Indonesia

A free diver explores a coral reef slope adorned by a beautiful gorgonian in Raja Ampat, Indonesia © Ethan Daniels / Shutterstock
A free diver explores a coral reef slope adorned by a beautiful gorgonian in Raja Ampat, Indonesia © Ethan Daniels / Shutterstock
Photo of Edira Putri
14 October 2017

The diving paradise of Indonesia, the Amazon of the seas, the Caribbean of Papua, the Crown Jewel of the Coral Triangle. There’s no word, no phrase or nickname that can fully express the charms of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Discover the mesmerizing beautsunsey of Raja Ampat in 15 breathtaking photos.

The Underwater Scene

Raja Ampat has at least 537 corals species — that’s 75% of all known scleractinia in the world. Look at those magnificent shapes and colors, like a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. And that’s the thrill you’ll experience when coming face to face with this scene.

Colourful Corals in Raja Ampat | © Sarawut Kundej / Shutterstock

Fancy a more calming, earthy palette? No problem, there are different scenes in every corner. The varying underwater landscape — rocky seabeds, coral reefs, walls, caves and more — create an endless habitat for marine creatures to thrive.

Corals and fish in Raja Ampat | © Tony Shih/Flickr

Don’t forget the more than 1,500 fish species, ranging from different sharks to tiny pygmy seahorses. A famed ichthyologist, Dr. Gerald Allen, encountered 280 fish species on a single dive! Look, someone even found Nemo hiding by the anemone.

A clownfish and anemone in Raja Ampat | © Silke Baron/Flickr

Rubbing shoulders with exotic species like sea turtles shouldn’t be hard to achieve. They love the vibrant underwater atmosphere as much as we do.

Diving with sea turtles in Raja Ampat | © SergeUWPhoto / Shutterstock

..and the manta rays do too.

Diving with manta rays in Raja Ampat | © scubanine / Shutterstock

It’s no wonder that Raja Ampat’s underwater magnetism draws divers from all over the globe. As a diving paradise, the region has numerous dive spots, each with its own charms and characteristics. Whether it’s your first time putting on a pair of flippers or you’re looking to challenge your pro skills, Raja Ampat has a suitable experience for everyone.

Diving in the mouth of a cave in Raja Ampat | © Ethan Daniels / Shutterstock

Above Sea Level

Now you’re convinced that Raja Ampat has an unmatched underwater beauty. But don’t discount on the postcard-worthy charms above the surface. Like the sight from this viewing deck in Pianemo which offers a sweeping view of the archipelago’s karst constellations, scattered around the beaming turquoise waters.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia © Sarawut Kundej / Shutterstock

In another part of the islands, the rock formations create a star-shaped lagoon filled with translucent shades of emeralds.

Sunsets are among the best sights in this archipelago in Papua, Indonesia. The pristine nature, tall rock formations, lush jungles, clear ocean, even the fresh breeze and seawater scent, all conspires to intensify this precious event of the day. No matter how long your stay in Raja Ampat is, trust us, you don’t want to miss a single sunset.

And yes, we know you’ve seen Pianemo a few pictures ago, but look at how much prettier it gets during the sunset. The few minutes of magic will last forever in your memory. Bursts of red and orange fall on the opulent sea and small islands, creating silhouettes and indescribable charming shades.

Sunset in Pianemo, Raja Ampat | © Vaclav Sebek/ Shutterstock

Don’t forget the magnificent sunrise too! You wouldn’t regret skipping the snooze button and rising up early for early hikes or island-hopping.

Floating village and canoe on the sun rise – Indonesia – West Papoua – Raja Ampat © Yohann MORIN / Shutterstock

..because it only gets better. There are countless spots to explore, numerous islands to hop on.

Island-hopping in Raja Ampat, Papua | © nmedia/ Shutterstock | © nmedia / Shutterstock

Staying in Raja Ampat

Staying at locally run homestays will not only cost you less, they offer an opportunity to support local economy, interact more with locals and have an authentic Papua experience. What’s more exciting than having the beach right at your front door?

Beachfront homestay in Raja Ampat | © Mr Asideg/Flickr

Further into the sea, you can opt to stay at one of the homestays perched off the coast into the translucent water.

Bamboo Huts in Raja Ampat, Indonesia | © Galjan / Shutterstock

If you prefer comfortable luxe resorts, Raja Ampat has got them too. Many of these resorts come with a fun package of diving, island-hopping and more.

Papua Paradise Resort | © Lotus Hotels & Resort

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