13 Reasons Why Bali Is The Perfect Winter Escape

Tourists at Pandawa Beach | © .angels. / Flickr
Tourists at Pandawa Beach | © .angels. / Flickr
Wishing you could skip the snow season this year? What if we tell you there’s a magical land where the trees are always green, the animals energetic and the beaches are full of life, all year long? Discover 13 good reasons why Bali is the perfect winter escape.

The tropical weather

Where’s better to escape the gloomy winter than the equatorial gem that has never seen a drop of snow? The sunny weather and fresh breeze, lively waves and lush greens will make you forget that it’s even winter back home. To be fair, Bali does have a rainy season from October to February but even then the rain doesn’t typically last for more than a few hours.

The beaches

Ditch the snowman for sandcastles — Bali’s beaches are the perfect antidote to the coldest season of the year. Fish the bikinis and shorts out of your closet and get ready to experience summer all over again, this time with more idyllic beaches, lively underwater scene and different fun activities to do.

Bali Beach © Alexis Lê-Quôc/Flickr

The international crowd

If you want to escape winter but not the familiar atmosphere back home, Bali is still a perfect getaway for you. The tropical paradise welcomes millions of foreign tourists yearly, and a great deal of them make the island their home. Wherever you’re coming from, you can find a familiar crowd in bars, lounges and workshops.

Traditional cooking class in Bali © Henrik Palm / Flickr

The luxury

The same amount of money that would typically get you a standard hotel room in other destinations in Europe or Australia can get you a beachfront private villa in Bali. The same value for money goes for food, goods and activities. The lower price tags contribute in making Bali irresistible as a getaway, offering tourists a much better standard of living while staying on the island.

Penthouse pool at Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran Courtesy of Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran

The nature

Bali’s wide range of natural attractions, from beaches to waterfalls, forests to rice fields, intensify its charms as the perfect winter getaway. Instead of staying home with socks on, the island offers endless reasons to go out and spend time in nature, soaking in the sunshine while enjoying breathtaking view like nowhere else.

The food

In Bali, it’s coconut, gelato and fruit bowls all day; you won’t need hot beverages to cope with the weather. You can also enjoy Bali’s coveted fresh produce — from organic leaves, seeds and fruits to seafood and poultry. Some restaurants pick ingredients from their own garden on the same day you order the food. So, whether you’re a devoted vegetarian or passionate carnivore, the fresh and organic dishes in Bali will make you feel more energized, ready for the next adventure.

Go for an açai bowl after a surf session| © @jean_dasque/ Bali Bowls

The sport and fitness scene

From yogis to surfers, fitness enthusiasts are quick to declare their undying love and attachment to this dynamic island. If you’re an active person (or aiming to be), Bali persuades you to make a productive use of your winter escape to the island. While the deep snow may hinder your daily running exercise back home, there’s absolutely no such excuse for you in Bali.

Relax and find your Zen-like state © Samadi Bali

The water adventures

Being in a small tropical island means easy access to the sea and all the fun adventures it holds. From snorkeling and diving to kayaking and other water sports, you won’t notice the hours going by while being out there under the sun, soaking wet but happy.

Stand-Up Paddling in Gili Islands © mariusklausen / Pixabay

The parties

There are typically a lot of formal dinner invitations around the holiday season. But in Bali, rave/beach/pool parties can always find a time and place to commence, and you’re always invited. Head to the beach clubs, hotels or even restaurants for countless of lively events with various fun themes, performers, dress codes and venues.

The surrounding small islands

Bali comes with a lot of bonuses. Not that you’ll ever get enough of the Bali mainland, but the exotic small islands nearby offer irresistible charms and destinations. Think secluded, powder-white beach and picturesque lush hills. From the Nusa archipelago to the notorious Gili Islands, get ready to exceed your expectation for a winter holiday.

Gili Trawangan © Matiinu Iman Ramadhan / Flickr

The rice fields

Imagine this: You’ll be basking in the morning sunshine enjoying the iconic scene of Bali rice fields while everyone else is probably shoveling their driveway. Exploring the rice terraces of Bali and the villages nearby will not only grant you an unforgettable sight of nature but also offers you a glimpse of the local’s life and culture.

Bali Rice Paddies Mariamichelle/Pixabay

The wildlife

We’re talking exotic monkeys, birds, sea turtles, corals and more. And not the ones in the zoo. Balinese do a great job coexisting and preserving the nature around them, helping the wildlife to thrive so we can enjoy it in their natural habitat. Visit the Ubud Monkey Forest to enjoy lush greeneries and the company of hundreds of monkeys at once. Or head to Menjangan Island for a rich marine biodiversity.

Scuba diving in Bali © Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten/Flickr

The hospitality

The wonderful island is nothing without the warmth and passion of the locals. The people are among the best highlights of the island — their culture, customs, friendliness and hospitality. It doesn’t matter how far you’ll have to fly from home to reach this perfect winter getaway, you’ll find a home in the smiles and compassion of the Balinese.