10 Indonesian YouTubers You Should Know

Indonesian YouTubers | © Skitterphoto/Pixabay
Indonesian YouTubers | © Skitterphoto/Pixabay
Photo of Edira Putri
22 January 2018

Social media and digital content offers a lot to the younger generation of Indonesia, thanks to the rapidly improving economy, tech, and digital literacy. From comedy to politics, gaming to fashion, discover Indonesian YouTubers you should know.


This YouTube channel is managed by brothers Andovi and Jovial da Lopez. The two share hilarious skits, parodies, even rap battles. But beyond comedy, their videos wittily capture the realities of politics, culture, and daily lives in Indonesia. They even featured the country’s president Joko Widodo in one video, informing viewers how to become a president.

Sacha Stevenson

This Canadian-born YouTuber unexpectedly fell in love with Indonesia during her visit in 2001. His keen observations of the customs and culture of Indonesia are entertainingly relatable, making her videos amusing and insightful for both locals and international viewers. The web series “How to act Indonesian” was what first raised her name as a YouTube sensation.

Raditya Dika

Before launching his YouTube channel, Raditya Dika was already a popular blogger and author. His videos match the creator’s known comical character, including the popular series “Malam Minggu Miko” (“Miko’s Saturday Nights”). He also uploads stand-up comedy sessions, skits, vlogs, and reaction videos.

Last Day Production (LDP)

See Indonesia through they eyes of two sharp and witty locals, founders Listina and Leon, and the rest of the team. Their videos show highlights of daily life in today’s Indonesia, with all its fun and challenges, and humorously captures realities of Indonesia’s young generation, from love and relationship to travel videos.


With more than 1 million subscribers, Reggie Prabowo’s MiawAug is one of the most popular games and tech YouTube channels from Indonesia. From game reviews to gadget un-boxing and a daily vlog, this channel is not only entertaining for gamers but also for those who like fun skits and comedy.

Bayu Skak

Bayu Skak made his name doing covers of traditional Javanese songs. After becoming a YouTube personality, he branched out his video content to vlogs, sketches, games, and more. He’s loved for his creative content and narratives that showcase his lovable Javanese accent.


In his channel, Kaesang shares humorous videos that sometimes frame the realities and intricacies of the nation’s social and political issues (which got him into trouble one time). As President Joko Widodo’s youngest son, Kaesang’s videos also allow viewers a glimpse of the first family’s daily life. With 500k+ subscribers and millions of views, it’s even been said that his income exceeds that of the president’s.

Gita Savitri Devi

Giita is an Indonesian currently studying in Germany. She posts fashionable hijab tutorials and inspirational halal-living videos for Muslim viewers. But beyond that, this girl also knows how to have fun; just watch her travel videos, song covers, and more.

Reza Oktovian

Reza Oktavian, or better known as Arap, is one of the earliest and most popular gamer/YouTubers from Indonesia. His award-winning channel features not only gaming videos and reviews but also highlights of his fun daily experiences, showcased in an honest, hilarious way.

Gen Halilintar

Gen Halilintar is actually a family of 13 — two parents and 11 children, each with their own unique character creativity, making their channel so fun and distinctive. This Indonesian family does things from song covers to makeup challenges and snippets of their daily fun. They even have original singles you can catch on iTunes and Spotify.

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