10 Awesome Independent Stores in Kemang, Jakarta

ARA Jakarta in Kemang
ARA Jakarta in Kemang | © ARA Jakarta
Photo of Edira Putri
10 June 2018

With the well-deserved title as Jakarta’s fashion and lifestyle mecca, Kemang is bustling with hip establishments lining both sides of the streets. Bringing you the best of the neighbourhood’s boutiques, furniture stores, and other lifestyle goods, discover awesome independent stores in Kemang, Jakarta.


Art Gallery, Store
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dia.lo.gue artspace and cafe | © dia.lo.gue
Isn’t it neat that ‘dialogue’ can be chunked into dia-lo-gue that means ‘he/she-you-me’ in the local dialect? That’s what you’ll see happening in this public artspace-cum-shop-cum-cafe. Works from different people with different styles and stories come together and make the space lively, amplifying one another. You can find a wide array of handmade goods from the most passionate local brands, many of which are almost exclusively sold here. From stationary, home products, accessories, clothes, to gallery-grade artworks, you can rest assured that the things you bought here are one-of-a-kind.


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KIXXX quickly gained popularity among sneakerheads in Jakarta as a cool and reliable place to get their footwear fix. Being a retailer for novelty brands from across the globe and an official distributor for Nike, Adidas and Puma – getting hold of the newest and hippest collections wouldn’t be a problem here. On the other hand, realising that some sneakers are just timeless, a pre-loved section is dedicated for true diehards who can spot a classic when they see one.


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Hand-drawn illustrations for Tulisan | © Tulisan
Brainchild of renowned artist Melissa Sunjaya, the Tulisan brand brings splendid hand-drawn illustrations to the face of everyday objects. Who would have thought that having a vibrant, colourful apron or brightly patterned cushions can make such a difference to your energy or home ambiance? But beyond pretty colours and beautiful drawing, each collection has its own compelling story and inspiration that every stroke is an act of self-expression and dedication to something — an inspiring poet from Indonesia, popular folklores, natural features, and more.


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ARAxAlvinT 9
ARA Kemang space | © ARA Jakarta
Even amid Kemang’s plenitude of boutiques and stores, Ara is still one of designers’ favourites to bring their best works to. The grand and lovely store brings together Indonesia’s most fabulous designers, from nationally acclaimed ones to emerging talents, all featured and picked according to their unique stories and style. From Peggy Hartanto, Toton Januar, Aurelia Santoso and more, shopping has never been this convenient, not to mention the spacious, airy and minimalistic store design that highlights the best products for you.

Galeri Pot

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This pot store has its works sought and sold in many parts of the world, from the United States to the Middle East. Specialising in pottery and home utensils, this charming space houses an extensive collection for every need and taste — different sizes, colours, styles and designs are personally made by trained hands. But even if you have something really specific in mind, you can talk to the artist about making a custom made piece for you. And the shopping experience is even more pleasant with splendid displays in every corner.

Clea Flower Boutique

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Not only does this flower boutique manifest a sophisticated European style in its display and concept, a great deal of their flowers are indeed imported from the best suppliers from all over the world. That means no shortage of fresh flower of any kind and colour, no matter the season. And they cater to different needs for flowers too, from cut flowers to arranged bouquets, and they can even have staff arrange fresh flowers right in your own vase if you bring it by.

FJ’L Boutique

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FJ'L Boutique | © FJ'L
Arguably one of the most well-known establishments in Kemang, FJ’L has everything that the neighbourhood is loved for: chic concept store on the first floor, and restaurant on the second. Expect to see only the best products from reputable brands, handpicked to suit the most sophisticated taste. This store may have everything from Victoria Beckham to local handmade brands, but it all holds up to a high standard you’ll be satisfied with.

Chic Mart

Shop, Store
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Indonesian batik | © Adrian Lim / Flickr
This one-stop lifestyle store has one thing in common across its wide array of products: they all reverberate with a lovely ethnic touch. But no matter the taste, it shouldn’t be hard to find something to your liking in the extensive collection of furniture, home decor, clothes, bags, accessories, batik, or souvenirs. Plus, if you’re travelling (or just have the taste), this is an excellent place to get locally made crafts and goods from across the archipelago.


Bookstore, Store
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For years, Aksara has been a prized bookshop in Jakarta for bringing high quality, thoughtfully curated import books to town, along with other incredible products like t-shirts, notebooks, and other knick-knacks. More than a bookshop, Aksara now has an exhibition room, art studio, independent theatre, and coffee shop in one space. It’s more than you could ask for from a cultured and profound afternoon spent in Jakarta’s most bustling neighbourhood.

Elements Concept

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As a lifestyle mecca, Kemang houses different interior and furniture brands in its area. But Elements Concept sets itself apart for staying true to its philosophy, handcrafting excellent pieces of furniture and home decor with great consideration of high quality nature materials and earthy design. Their clientele ranges from restaurants to hotels, from Sydney to Paris. So consider yourself lucky, you can grab their splendid tables, cabinets, pots, even wooden fridges and helmets, at the (of course) wonderfully designed Kemang store.