Where To Find The Best Biryani In Bangalore, India

Where To Find The Best Biryani In Bangalore, India
Biryani is to Indians what pizza is to Italians and tacos to Mexicans. It is a tiny portion of heaven on your plate, epitomizing the deliciousness of Indian cuisine. Here are the best places to have a biryani in Bangalore.

Hyderabadi Biryani House

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Hyderabadi specialty of slow cooked basmati rice with mixed seafood, served with cucumber raita
Hyderabadi specialty of slow cooked basmati rice with mixed seafood, served with cucumber raita | © Lucas Richarz /Flickr
Hyderabadi Biryani House has six outlets across India. It is a favorite among Banglorean biryani fans, as it is the oldest biryani restaurant in Bangalore, running for almost a decade. Giving the best of quantity and quality, the biryani house is very well known for its Biryani Family Pack. This is not only the spiciest but also the most popular dish in the restaurant. This is the perfect place for first-timers to taste the true essence of bona fide biryani; simple and original.
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Richies Rahmans

Located in the heart of Frazer Town, Richies Rahmans serves one of the best kinds of biryani in town. It is very popular among office-goers and college students. With its minimalistic and simple interior, the focus is placed entirely on the restaurant’s dedication towards its loyal customers and the biryanis it serves. The mutton biryani cooked in the Muslim style is Richies Rahmans’ showstopper. It is a must-have for biryani fanatics.
1, Medison Complex, Near Leela Palace, Kodihalli, Old Airport Road, Bangalore, +91 80 49653274

Ammi’s Biryani

In the subcontinent, Ammi is a word used to mean mother and, as the name suggests, Ammi’s Biryani restaurant is nothing less than a home away from home. The main ingredient used in all of their 14 varieties of Biryani dish is love and dedication to traditional biryani cooking. Ammi’s Biryani loves to create healthy biryanis. All the delicious delicacies it creates have no processed fats, no frozen meat and no added flavors. Instead, everything is made from natural, authentic ingredients, fresh and lean meat and only their own branded, double-filtered oil. Healthy and delicious – this is a biryani restaurant you can visit again and again.
Various locations throughout Bangalore, +91 80 2571 7777

Biryani Paradise

Biryani Paradise is a culinary haven, and the go-to place for Bangalorean college students. It is always packed with an enthusiastic and young crowd jostling for tables and eating to their heart’s content. Since it is a student den, Biryani Paradise is extremely light on the pockets; small and affordable, Biryani Paradise serves their customers with mouthwatering, flavorsome biryanis, along with other delicacies. It is also close to the Kashmir Art Gallery, which visitors can head to after an excellent meal.
Commercial State, Opposite Politician, Labbay Maseed Road, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, +91 80 25435888

Savoury Restaurant

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Chicken Shawarma
Chicken Shawarma | © Cyclonebill/WikiCommons
Savoury Restaurant is one of the most stylish restaurants in Bangalore, specializing in biryani with an Arabian twist. Unlike typical Indian biryanis which are filled with spices and meat, Savoury Restaurant offers a less spicy but still flavorful biryani inspired by Arabian flavors. They also serve Arabian dishes, Indian delicacies, and Chinese and Tandoor choices. Recommended for those who prefer to stay away from spicy foods, Savoury Restaurant is the perfect way of experiencing this traditional cuisine without the extreme flavors.
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