What To Do On A Layover In Bangalore, India

A layover in Bangalore can be fun because there's so much to do around | © Michał Parzuchowski / Unsplash
A layover in Bangalore can be fun because there's so much to do around | © Michał Parzuchowski / Unsplash
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30 December 2017

Whatever the reason of layover is – back to back business meetings or cheaper tickets – it could feel like excess poundage in a journey. Fortunately, there are enough places to visit in Bangalore that can make you look forward to your stopover. Here is how you can have a good time in Bangalore while waiting for your layover flight.

If you have two to four hours

Bangalore airport is famous for being far away from the city. To reach anywhere near Bengaluru city it would take about two hours. So, if you have two to four hours to kill, it’s best to stay inside the airport. Good thing is there are ample things you can do to unwind and have fun.

Lounge and spa

The Plaza Premium Lounge is a great place for some undisturbed relaxation. There are food counters for the hungry souls, a small bar for ones who want to indulge in some liquor and a spa facility for the weary ones who could use some pampering.


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For some advanced level relaxation there is the O2 Spa for those whose strained and exhausted bodies are in need of resurgence. The spa will treat you to exotic massages from Bali or Thailand. This is a perfect place to sit back, rejuvenate and let your layover time fly.

Restaurants and cafes

For the hollow-cheeked ones looking for the nearest joints to eat, there are a plethora of options at the Bangalore International airport. There’s soup, smoothies and juices for the calorie counters at Fresh & Healthy. South Indian restaurants like Tiffin Centre and Maiyyas offer delicious meals for those who prefer sticking to what’s familiar or those keen to try something new.

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French Cuisine for Christmas lunch

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If you want to treat yourself to some Italian cuisine, La Alta Vista is a great place to do so. La Tepenade and Café Noir offer the best coffees, sandwiches and desserts.

Drinks and beverages

Beverage counters are also plentiful at the Bangalore International airport. If coffee or tea is your poison, you must quickly seat yourself at Hatti Kaapi or Chai Point. Bar 380 and Time Out Bar offer drinks and cocktails to make sure you have a good time in Bangalore.


Crossword bookstore near domestic departure and Relay bookstore at the international departure area are havens for book lovers. Even if you want to browse through magazines and kill time, these bookstores are a great place do some reading. If you want to buy some cultural souvenirs or gifts from the Bangalore airport, The Lotus Store is a great place to buy Kodapalli toys, Tanjore paintings or sandalwood gift items.

If you have five to eight hours

If you have five to eight hours before catching your next flight from Bangalore international airport then the best thing would be to get out of it. There is enough time in hand and places to visit in Bangalore city to keep you busy.

Bangalore sightseeing and activities

How does spending time in an Italian restaurant while watching beautiful horses in a sprawling green land sound? With a day’s notice of your arrival at Embassy International Riding School’s restaurant Ai Cavalli, you will be welcomed and fed and shown a good time. It takes 30 to 40 minutes by car to reach the venue.

For those who would like to get on their feet and play some sport to dust off the airplane boredom after getting off a flight, The Windflower has some great options. You can sign up for games, ride BMX bikes and play paintball. The resort offers seven acres of beauty to rejuvenate.

Hill stations in Bangalore

An hour away from the Bangalore airport is the beautiful Nandi Hills, one of the best hill stations near Bangalore. Treat your eyes to breathtaking hilltop views or spend a few hours walking about in beautiful resorts.

Nandi Hills is a popular hill station in Bangalore | © Nikhil Verma / Flickr

Historical places

The 9th-century Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple at the foot of Nandi Hills in Bangalore city has hair-raising beautiful architecture on display. The beautiful stone carvings are a wondrous sight and so is the step well in the temple campus.

The 9th-century temple has breathtaking architecture | © getmahesh / Flickr

Devanahalli fort is just 15 minutes car ride away from Bangalore airport. The 16th-century fort is a well-protected site of magnanimous buildings. There is enough history to catch up on and beautiful temples to marvel at. By the time the tour ends, it will be time to head back to catch the next flight.

If you have twelve hours

With twelve hours to spend, you have enough time to explore Bengaluru city.

Art and culture

The National Gallery of Modern Art is one of the best places in Bangalore for art and culture lovers. The paintings and sculptures displayed are a brief lesson on the best Indian artists. The gallery is housed inside a mansion that was once home to some of the kings of Bangalore. It’s not difficult to spend a couple of leisurely hours in this beautiful place.

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is an art complex that has 13 museums and five galleries. Inside the forested campus there are handloom and craft exhibitions often held. Another great part about the place is the campus canteen. It has the most authentic and delicious South Indian food. The ragi dosa there is a must-try.

Nature lovers

If you are looking for some fresh air, the best place to go would be Dodda Alada Mara, the 400-year-old Banyan tree in Bangalore that is a marvel to look at. It’s a peaceful place to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Cafes and pubs

If you reach Bangalore city from the airport by sun-down and you’re in the mood to hang out and get some drinks, Indirangar is the best place to do so. The area is jam-packed with resto-pubs, bar lounges and cafes. Some of the best places to go are Toit, Windsor Pub and Loft 38.

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