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Dhruv Malhotra | Photographing the Sleepers Series
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Dhruv Malhotra | Photographing the Sleepers Series

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Updated: 27 January 2016
Because of his chronic insomniac, Dhruv Malhotra has always photographed the night. Courtesy: Dhruv Malhotra/Photoink.

He attempts to use his night photography to uncover the hidden depths of the night time scene and seeks out the marginalized people who occupy this terrain. Courtesy: Dhruv Malhotra/Photoink.

Malhorta’s photographs are made through long exposures, which give the night scenes a surreal twilight glow, foregrounding the in between spaces of the metropolis. Courtesy: Dhruv Malhotra/Photoink.

Malhorta’s series Sleepers is defined by the presence of sleeping figures, although their background and identity is often obscured. Courtesy: Dhruv Malhotra/Photoink.

This series is as much an artistic statement as a commentary on the pervasive homelessness which blights many Indian cities. Courtesy: Dhruv Malhotra/Photoink.

Malhorta’s empty cities are a counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of modern India, and offer a peaceful and serene perspective on the normally crowded country. Courtesy: Dhruv Malhotra/Photoink.

Malhorta is interested in discovering new ways of looking at landscape, and his focus on the night time is only one part of his attempts to uncover new perspectives on photography. Courtesy: Dhruv Malhotra/Photoink.