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Umm Muladhat says Muslim women are like any other women | © Jerry Seon / pxhere
Umm Muladhat says Muslim women are like any other women | © Jerry Seon / pxhere
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This Halal Sex Guide Gives Muslim Women Taboo-Busting Advice

Picture of Aditi Mukherjee
Updated: 1 December 2017

“Kiss his neck with a slightly open mouth. Suck in the skin. This will leave a mark so be careful where you do it!” An excerpt from a recent, independently published halal book by a Muslim woman, which is proving to be a windfall for those of her sisters in faith who know nothing or little about intimacy and its pleasures.

A Muslim woman in the US, who writes under the pen name Umm Muladhat, has penned a book called The Muslimah Sex Manual, A Halal Guide To Mind Blowing Sex. The author distilled her 30 years of experience into 66 pages, to help her fellow sisters have the best sex of their lives. The slim volume has the express aim of helping Muslim women understand intimacy, sex, and the pleasure that comes with it.

Cover of "The Muslimah Sex Manual, A Halal Guide to Mind Blowing Sex" | © Amazon Digital Services LLC

Cover of The Muslimah Sex Manual, A Halal Guide to Mind Blowing Sex | © Amazon Digital Services LLC

The psychology graduate was inspired to write the sex manual after a friend confessed disappointment in physical intimacy with her new husband. Umm Muladhat explains on her website that her friend was clueless about sex or sexual acts. She didn’t know what she or her partner desired. Some coital advice by the author proved successful and her friend told her to write it all down to help other Muslim women. So, Umm Muladhat typed all her wisdom and sent it to the trusted friend, who sent it to her friends. Thus, she found her first sample audience, who begged her to publish it.

The author is very clear about why she wrote the book. “Among Muslims themselves, I don’t think this book challenges any stereotypes. Muslim women are women like any other. I didn’t need to empower them, they were already empowered. Their need wasn’t a shift in attitude, but a practical guide,” she told Huffington Post. So, where did she get her teachings from? Umm Muladhat disclosed that she and her husband referred to Christian books for guidance.

The book states that according to Islamic law, a woman can file for divorce from her husband if he doesn’t have sex with her for a given period. Umm Muladhat feels the rest of the world presumes that Muslim women have dull sex lives. She insists that isn’t the case at all! Growing up, sex was not a dirty or taboo topic at home. She writes, “outside of marriage, yes, a person should feel guilty about indulging in it. Inside of marriage, however, it is something to enjoy.”

While Umm Muladhat gives details about sex positions, erotic messages, and even bondage, she clearly writes that sex outside marriage, anal penetration, penetrative sex during wife’s menstruation, and pornography are things that religious law prohibits.

Alongside the flood of praise, there have been a few faultfinders who say it will make women more promiscuous. Umm Muladhat was prepared for backlash, hence the nom de plume. She says while her husband knows about her book and helped her revise it, not all her friends know about it and she intends to keep it that way.

The book has been taken so positively that some men and Muslim leaders have approached the author to ask when she will pen a book for the men in her community. Encouraged by the response, she has decided to publish one next year. For now, The Muslimah Sex Manual, A Halal Guide To Mind Blowing Sex is on sale in India for Rs. 399, for anyone who is curious.