The World's Oldest Youtuber Is This 106-Year-Old Granny From India

106 yr old Granny from India | Courtesy of Country Foods / YouTube
106 yr old Granny from India | Courtesy of Country Foods / YouTube
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India Writer9 October 2017

Aged 106, Karre Mastanamma, known affectionately as ‘granny’, has become the world’s oldest YouTuber, with her country-side traditional cooking videos on a YouTube channel called Country Foods. In a short span of time, her channel has garnered almost 700,000 subscribers from within and outside India.

Based in a small village named Gudivada, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Mastanamma took the internet by storm after her great grandson posted videos on YouTube of her cooking mouth-watering local delicacies.

Granny cooking watermelon chicken on open-wood stove | Courtesy of Country Foods / YouTube

She cooks up a variety of dishes suitable for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Her unique and authentic recipes feature traditional cooking techniques, which enhance the flavours of the dish.

Using a wooden stove in the midst of paddy fields, she makes use of the freshest ingredients available in the open countryside. From watermelon chicken and bamboo chicken biryani to egg dosa and emu egg fry, she creates all from the scratch, leaving food fanatics hungry to try for themselves. She has even given a ‘rustic-rural’ twist to the western dishes, like French Fries and the KFC chicken burger.

Chicken Frankie by Granny | Courtesy of Country Foods / YouTube

She gives instructions while cooking, and even cracks jokes and shares anecdotes about her youth, family and passion for the culinary arts. All this makes her videos all the more interesting to watch.

Although ‘granny’ struggles with her eyesight, this hasn’t deterred her from making delicious dishes for her family, villagers and her YouTube fans. At 106, she is independent, full of life and super active; she still works in paddy fields, does all the household chores on her own, and lives alone in her thatched hut while her relatives stay next door.

Her YouTube channel Country Foods was set up by her great grandson, K Laxman and his friend Srinath Reddy. Laxman shoots the video and Reddy makes the edits. She rose to fame shortly after the release of her first video, becoming a YouTube sensation with a tremendous fan following in only a matter of months. Her videos have managed to clock millions of views.

Every video gets hundreds and thousands of comments – a testament to how much she is loved across the world, and the majority of her subscribers are from India, the USA, UK, Malaysia and Pakistan. Just a few months ago, on April 10, 2017, she celebrated her 106th birthday and immense love poured in for her from all corners of the globe. Granny was elated to receive everyone’s warm wishes.

Granny's 106th birthday | Courtesy of Country Foods/YouTube

As they say, ‘age is just a number’. Mastanamma proves it… Check out her incredible cooking skills below.

The ‘village-style’ French Fries…

…the yummilicious Chicken Frankie…

…and the delish emu egg fry.

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