The Top 9 Things To Do In India Gate, New Delhi

Bara Gumbad Tomb, Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi
Bara Gumbad Tomb, Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi | © Petr Svarc / Alamy Stock Photo
When in New Delhi, visit the India Gate, a World War I memorial towering over one of the most chaotic and colorful cities in South Asia. Surrounding this majestic arc, there are other must-visits too. We list the 10 fantastic things to see and do here.

India Gate

India Gate itself is not to be missed when visiting the capital. This World War I memorial towers above the city of Delhi, commemorating the 82.000 soldiers of the British Indian Army who fell during the war.

Palak Mittal / © Culture Trip

Daryaganj Book Bazaar

Bazaar, Market
A vast ocean of books lying across the length of the pathway, flooded by hundreds of bibliophiles: this is Daryaganj’s Sunday book market. You can find second hand books on virtually every topic at throwaway prices here. From whodunits and romances to exclusive novels and rare first editions, from schoolbooks to encyclopedias; Daryaganj Book Bazaar is paradise for readers on a budget.
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Red Fort

Archaeological site
Among the most popular tourist attractions is the Red Fort and with good reason. Built by Shah Jahan in 1646, on the right bank of the river Yamuna, it is now a World Heritage Site and a once in a lifetime experience.
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Andhra Bhavan

Restaurant, Indian
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Andhra Bhavan is only a humble canteen, but it serves amazing food at cheap prices, which makes it a hot spot not only for backpackers and budget travelers, but for locals as well. It is the folksy atmosphere which makes Andhra Bhavan the most enjoyable budget restaurant in Delhi.

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Raj Ghat Gandhi Memorial

Park, Memorial
Visiting this memorial to a man who has been vital to India’s identity and still is a very important figure for every Indian, is a humbling experience. It consists of a simple black marble platform marking the spot of Mahatma Gandhi’s cremation in 1948, surrounded by lawn and with an eternal flame burning.
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Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Temple

sadhu in Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi, India, Asia
Sadhu in Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi | © Joana Kruse / Alamy Stock Photo
This temple is the most prominent house of worship for Sikhs in New Delhi; stunning from the outside and beautifully decorated inside. Dedicated to the eighth Sikh Guru, visitors come from all over India to celebrate his life and to take back home some of the Holy Water from the magical Sarovar pond located in the middle of the temple.
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Ayurveda and aromatherapy

Gateway of India and Taj hotel in Mumbai, India
Taj Mahal Hotel | © naveen0301/Getty
India is known for its spiritualism, traditional medicine, massage and meditation; trying a traditional wellness treatment is therefore a must. Ayurveda is one of the most practiced therapies in India, aimed at obtaining a balanced energy level in mind, body and soul, and the Jiva Wellness Centre is the best spa in Delhi.
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Janpath Market

Market, Street Food
Palak Mittal
Palak Mittal | © Culture Trip
Essentially just a long winding road with countless boutique stores and kiosks, Janpath Market represents the best of street shopping. This is exactly how you’ve been imagining shopping in India; chaotic, cheap and charismatic. With jewelry, embroidered cushions and bags, fashion, woven carpets with beautiful patterns and piles of cashmere scarfs as far as the eye can see, there is no excuse to go home without souvenirs for everyone.
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Lodhi Gardens

India, Delhi, Lodhi Gardens with Bada Gumbad tomb and mosque in background
Lodhi Gardens | © Dorling Kindersley ltd / Alamy Stock Photo
Just a 30-minute walk from India Gate you will find the most beautiful gardens in New Delhi, with 90 acres of lush green land, exotic flowers and enchanting ponds and rivers. Every now and then you’ll walk past 15th century buildings and tombs; this is a park, the likes of which, you have never seen before.
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