The Top 10 Things To Do And See In Bangalore North, Bangalore

Meleah Moore / © Culture Trip
Meleah Moore / © Culture Trip
Bangalore has been a rapidly developing metropolis over the past decade and the center of it all is Northern Bangalore. The city has been bringing in large tech companies and other firms that have contributed to the growth of the city in many areas. In return, the large number of people have needed somewhere to settle down and North Bangalore has become this residential hub. Here, we take a look at the top things to do and see in the neighborhood.
Meleah Moore / © Culture Trip

Learn about the history of Bangalore Palace

The history of Bangalore is quite rich but slowly disappearing from the city. One of the few preserved treasures is the famous Bangalore Palace. This historic monument was started in 1862 and was home to the royal family of Bangalore for a short period of time. As guests enter the grounds, they will be overwhelmed by an incredible amount of shrubbery that is carefully groomed everyday. The interior is adorned with over 30,000 paintings and is exquisite in every detail.

Meleah Moore / © Culture Trip

Enjoy Nature at Cubbon Park

Situated just north of the heart of the city, Cubbon Park is an island of nature that spans around 300 acres. This oasis is perfect for escaping the concrete jungle that surrounds it. It has been carefully preserved since the rule of the British Raj and the grounds are known for their interspersed statues and busts and the beautiful bamboo garden.

Go on a Shopping Spree at Mantri Mall

If Bangalore is known for anything, it is an abundance of shopping malls! With such a big city, it is only fitting that there are malls in every district. Located in Malleshwaram, Mantri Mall is one of the largest in not only the city but the country. Spanning over five floors, you can only imagine how many stores, restaurants, and other finds there are throughout the complex!

Meleah Moore / © Culture Trip

Get Lost in the stars at Jawarhal Nehru Plantetarium

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is a unique find in such a busy city. If you are interested in all things extraterrestrial then this is the perfect place to spend a whole day. The Bangalore Association of Science Education established this institute to teach the public about space and all the wonders it encompasses. In short, this one’s a great family or friends activity!

Study art at The National Gallery of Modern Art

The National Gallery of Modern Art does well to encapsulate the art and cultural trends of the Karnataka region as a whole. The royal family of Mysore originally owned this museum and then it was passed on to the government. It has been renovated since then and definitely worth the look, all for its sprawling collection of pieces and exhibits.

Splash around at Halasuru Lake

One of the last standing lakes in the city is Halasuru Lake, also known as Ulsoor. Covering an astonishing 124 acres, this natural sight provides a lot of recreation for city-goers. Whether it is boating, swimming, or having a picnic, there are plenty of activities for visitors to partake in on its waters.

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Unwind at Sohum Spa Movenpick

There’s no better feeling than relieving stress and unwinding in a heavenly spa and Sohum Spa Movenpick provides exactly what you need after a rough week exploring Bangalore! With many facilities and services, including but not limited to, massages and saunas, there is much to do and see at Sohum. It focuses on wellness therapies that have been adopted from various parts of the world and tailors for individual treatments and packages.

Meleah Moore / © Culture Trip

Indulge in the Hindu religion at ISKCON Bangalore

ISKCON is a campus-like ground that focuses on the nurturing the Hindu culture. With many temples, small and large, there is much to see and visit within the area. Even if you are not a devout Hindu, it is still worth a look for the ornate architecture and rich culture present throughout.

Hang out at Cafe Coffee Day

What’s better than kicking back with a cup of coffee with friends? Café Coffee Day provides customers with that exact opportunity. It is a large chain that exists throughout the country, although has ridden particularly high in Bangalore. The great customer service and good quality drinks provide a relaxing mix for just catching up and chatting.

Catch a Movie at PVR in Orion Mall

No matter where you are, you can always catch a good movie. In Bangalore, the locals’ go-to is PVR. A movie theatre chain in India, PVC is large and well-known. The service is wonderful and is located in almost every district throughout the country. Most malls are home to the cinemas and in north Bangalore, you can find a PVC at the Orion Mall.